Wednesday, August 30, 2006

creative moments

you have to grab them when they present themselves...
it's all good! lol!

with little fingers reaching up for paper, scissors, glue.. whatever.. you have to act quick!
I am behind in getting an ATC to Kathy.. are you reading this??? I made a few for you to make up for my tardiness- sorty of my life lately.. if it's not for my immediate family it gets on the back burner. I know they come first.

dd said the other day "I don't want to go to school." She is going through another growth spurt and is exhuasted... and hungry! lol! I still can't believe that she said it- she loves school! She is joining rythmic gymnastics... I cna't believe it. Ithought this was a joke in the 80s when it was introduced here but after seeing thises kids do what tey did- stretch like they did- I am amazed. NOo way could I do what they do= so limber!!!

dd #2 fell off a swing- in the hieght of the arc and just let go.. did a flip mid air and landed onher forehead. It reeplays in my mind like a nightmare!!!

ds is walkign all over
has a sense of humor already- ou have to in our family!
eating little- he likes to nurse moe thatn anything... we joke and tell him he can't do it in kindergarten! lol!

gotta run.. a skunk was outside earlier and couldn't feed my pup... I think the air has cleared now!
happy scrappin!!!


*Jeanne* said...

Wow Gorgeous AM! There is never a dull moment in your life is there? I hope you daughter is okay from the swing. I did that once... and it only took once, I NEVER did that again! lol

Skunk? Eeek! Oh by the way... I tagged you on my bloggie.. hugs!

Jaci said...

Love those cards! Sorry about the fall your dd had. Mine had one too...over the handle bars of her brother's bike and head-first on the cement (no helmet either) OUCH! I trip to urgent care and Wal-Mart for a helmet and she was fine. :)