Tuesday, August 08, 2006

ahhhhhhhhhhhh scrappin' with my kids around me...
got this LO finished today... only took me 4 days- lol! who knew it would be so fast!!! hahaha
One asking me if she can stamp
one asking for glitter
and the other terrorizing the room... eating puzzle pieces, wrinkling.. uh, excuse me, distressing patterned paper- that will go in one of his LOs! ha!

and me trying to make it flow.. does it? does it need anything else???

We played on the swings, untangled Prince Charming... and then Lady G rode her bike as fast as she could with me running the other 2 in the stroller.. yep, I can run... this fanny shakes all over the place- must really be a sight from behind- pun intended! ha! and Lady G won- of course! We went swimming with an old friend (are you there yet, Crissy?) and had a ball. She is the type of friend that even if I don't get to see her often I know she is there for me. We pick up where we left off and it's all good. I have a pic of us from 1989 in my bathroom with our BIG 80's hair.. lovely! lol! Anway, it was a good day...

oh and one more thing.. tomorrow is the last day my boy is zero... yep, he turns one on Thursday!!! These pics are taken the day I was bringing him home... I was so nervous but at the same time ready to get gone and be home with MY family... what a wonderful feeling!


JB said...

Beautiful pics! With all that help around you - no wonder you're such a speedy Gonzales lol!
And I can't believe the little one is already "almost" one. I can't wait to see him again!

*Jeanne* said...

You design looks awesome AM! I just love the story on why it took you so long to get it done. But worth it that way..

I can NOT believe he is turning ONE! OMG! I still remember you being pregnant with him... Happy Birthday too him. Take TONS of photos. I wanna see.

alli_scraps said...

LOVE that LO AM!!!!