Friday, May 23, 2014

tears of not believing

natural beauty.
this girl has it but doesn't always see it.

we bought each piece of her outfit without having any idea how exactly it was going to turn out. we had to go back and pick out the shoes because my head wasn't on straight while we shopped for the dress. I surprised her with a trip to a boutique to pick a pair of earrings. She picked the perfect pair.

I told her to try it all on together so we could show Dad. She was not too sure about it since she had just run during her athletic class right before I picked her up from school. I told her not to worry and just put it on… just for a minute. She did and looked beautiful just like I thought!

I grabbed my camera and asked for just a few pictures. (my kids will never learn.. it's never just a few! ha!) I showed her the back of the camera and she had tears in her eyes. I asked her what it was about and she told me that it wasn't her. I shook my head and said it most certainly was. She said I had photoshop in my camera! ha! no such thing… this is her inner beauty shining through! Her tears of disbelief had me really taken back. Why would a 13 year old girl feel this way? What happens to kids that they turn from fearing nothing to not being sure about anything?