Thursday, May 13, 2010

welcome home

my brother came home from yet another deployment.
My little guy loves to wave a flag and see airplanes.. plus he missed his uncle who he often misnames.. go figure...
He had a great big smile and a cute little shirt that read "CELEBRATE!"
Indeed my family has since he has come home!!
Thanks for your service...
my little one will likely not remember so hopefully these pics will remind him that one of his family gave his time to service of our country.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Crowning of Mary

As a child I remember crowning Mary at St. Agnes and how it was such an honor for the girl who got to do it. It was no different for my girls being asked to be a part of this ceremony at our church.
Queen V carried the crown with another little girl.
Lady G was asked to crown Mary in the Marion Garden this year. She was so honored to be asked to be a part of this. She brought her Rosary we gave her at her First Holy Communion and held it proudly as she prayed with some of the women of our church.

Monday, May 03, 2010

I went on a retreat my good friend Kim created. This mama wakes every morning at 5am, puts on a pot of coffee and says the Rosary every morning! Her house is quiet and she takes this opportunity to reflect on the daily readings and then blogs when she gets a chance for a clear thought.

I felt compelled to write as the 2 speakers discussed motherhood, kids, husbands, and our faith. I had slips of paper in my pockets, in my camera bag and even one written on a "hello my name is..." lol! This one I peeled apart and stuck on a magnet on my fridge. Perhaps, I will get to blog about that one later.
The first part of the retreat was about motherhood - we laughed, cried and listened intently- trying to be in the moment of it all. The second part was about the mysteries of the Rosary. You would think since I grew up going to a Catholic school and being a cradle Catholic I would know all of this?? For what ever reason I am so glad I got to go and grow!