Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday has come and gone... about to go for a good soak... to wash away all the restlessness of the week and bring forth the weekend...

Since today is Friday I took pics of my son... I take photos of him every Friday to see his changes.. to let him see his changes when he gets older. I have done this with each of my children and it gets harder in some ways to get it done and easier in others.

Harder in that I have 3 children now and so many things I have to get done in a day. Harder in that I have new pressures put upon myself trying to become a better photographer of babies, infants and children. I would really like to do this on the side as the kids go to school. I read others' ideas on what makes a good photograph and composition.. just my time of reading things about photography is limited. I have so many interests it is difficult to find the time to read, practice and play with the film. I would really love to learn how to work my Adobe Photoshop. I think my husband's cousin knows how and hopefully she will teach me... she is in college so a good dinner will be a good trade ! :)

Easier in that I have taken so many and really enjoy doing different things- experimenting with knew found knowledge. I hope to pass this onto my kids so that they are interested in journaling, photographing memories and taking on the challenge of preserving information of themselves, the family and friends.

Anyway, today's shoot was short... my camera's battery died... I had my camera setting on something different than I thought... sooooo bear with my work as it is surely in progress!
If I could learn more then I would be able to put myself out there for photographing family and friends more... showing them the talent I know is inside me just waiting to come out.

I know I have been "called" to do many things- I think we all are in one way or another called to do different things, to learn and teach others about... I know for a time I was called to be a teacher of children of history and of ESL. I then was called to help other teachers. I still hear this call- to help other teachers become better teachers, for first year teachers not to run out of the classroom but back after summer enthusiastic about teaching another generation!!! oh, I miss this in a way but KNOW that God has called me to be a mother now... the greatest teacher around!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

thoughts on accomplishments

did I accomplish much today??? no... not really but if you look at the big scheme of things - maybe... to gain trust of a child is one of the biggest things I can think of that I as a mom need to work on daily.

When I had each one of my children I prayed to Mary to guide me though the labor... heck, there were no epidurals for Mary... even she had to live through the ups and downs of nursing... chasing a 2 year old or even a younger toddler saying, "don't put that in your mouth! Yuck!" Can't you just hear it now? so the Rosary always brings me back to this important day in our lives... the first struggle in our lives together as parent and child.

I have to wake each day knowing that we grow as people. I am a learner but most of all a teacher to my children of what to say, how to act, what to do, how to pray... it all adds up for the big picture. What did I learn from today that will make me a better mom? What did I do today to show my children I love them unconditionally? I will have to ask tomorrow from my kids what I did right....

I used to at least tickle my little ones daily so that they had a good laugh. It is important to laugh... even if it is from physical touch. It is important that they know my love is unending... unconditional.

I keep a calendar of the first year of theier life--- something happens daily to a little one... wish I had continued this practice for more than the first year...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

ok... every Friday I take pics of my boy... my boy- I still can't believe I have a son. In all my ideas I never knew I would have a child- let alone a son! He teaches me gentleness in a way I never knew.

so - here he is in our backyard taking in some rays at the end of January... nice to be barefoot, wear comfy clothes and feel the warmth of the "son"!

finally- I learned... now to practice again and again... look a double entry in one day... who knew!

learning learning

always I find myself trying to learn just one more thing... what will it be today?
so many things about this computer. that is what is on my mind...

1. place pics on my blog
2. get a site that will host my pics
3. learn my PSE... this drives me insane as I try to pick up what I am to do next..

why do the computer gurus seem to have an idea that I have an idea about this? I am a historian by nature- give me a book to touch, to feel- to dogear so I can refer to it as I please and not get lost in one page or another of the "help" they so want to give on a computer screen. How am I to see that screen, practice my new found knowledge, and then do it again so it is ingrained in me??? hmmmmmmm

just one more thing to ponder

Thursday, January 19, 2006

first time is the charm

here I am in cyberspace... gathering thoughts... thinking of all the thing I want to do versus all the things I have to do... what is next??? time will tell and maybe I will fill you in on what is going on :)


so much to do and not enough time... so this will be a fast one for sure!