Sunday, January 22, 2006

learning learning

always I find myself trying to learn just one more thing... what will it be today?
so many things about this computer. that is what is on my mind...

1. place pics on my blog
2. get a site that will host my pics
3. learn my PSE... this drives me insane as I try to pick up what I am to do next..

why do the computer gurus seem to have an idea that I have an idea about this? I am a historian by nature- give me a book to touch, to feel- to dogear so I can refer to it as I please and not get lost in one page or another of the "help" they so want to give on a computer screen. How am I to see that screen, practice my new found knowledge, and then do it again so it is ingrained in me??? hmmmmmmm

just one more thing to ponder

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