Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lady G and the first day of school

yep... she made it to her final year of elementary school... and rushed out the door because she had a job to do..

Lady G was asked to help out with Crossing Guard. Although, it has a different name now because the kids rotate in and around different stations in school.. nonetheless, she has this job.
Daddy rushed her out the door to get her there early so she could help out.

I'm so proud of her.
Quite the young lady.
Quite the responsible one.. and sweet one.. most people I think would agree. She is a good kid.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School for Queen V

We watched as the bus drove by our house... I am happy that I get to spend that extra few minutes in the morning with my kids... we might say a Hail Mary, ask for special intentions that the kids learn, the teachers are happy and that all goes well for everyone in our school.

A few more in the parking lot... I want to remember this moment..

Great! A friend!!! Miss G is such a sweetie and doesn't mind posing for one more picture for me :) Look how big they both seem.. in a few years they will be hands on hips and telling me how to capture the moment! ha!

As I leave the classroom, I see she is all ready, the teacher has a quick little picture for them to color in... sets the tone for the class and I am happy for this.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First train rides are always so exciting! We took the train with Miss Lori and her family down to Dallas to see the Dr. Pepper museum and where the Dallas Stars play.  You were so excited and looked down the rails to see when the next train would come.

We stayed all day and then raced home to celebrate with grandparents.  What a fast day!