Wednesday, January 31, 2007

cards and cocoa

freezing rain
blue gray clouds
smiles and open mouths

we've seen it all today... sounds like a good day for my homemade hot chocolate!!
here is the recipe:
1/2 c cocoa
1 can of Borden's Sweetened Condensed milk
1/8 t salt (I use sea salt in everything calling for salt!)
1-2 t vanilla (if you can get Mexican vanilla it is delicious and so close to a vanilla bean!)
stir these in a pot and then slowly add 6 cups of hot water.
do not boil this mixture- just get warm and steamy...
top with a marshmallow or even better is some whipped cream :) delish!

here is my update on the Valentine Swap at SCS.

This wonderful art is created by Stampin' Terri
This card has so much dimention to it - unreal! To get this as a Valentine's Card would be a real treat! I showed it to a friend of mine and even she mentioned the silver embossing going around one of hte hearts- you have to see it and feel it- so much texture!! I once taught a boy who was blind- I had to convert all my history notes to braile for him. This card has so much going on and every layer has something to offer the sense of touch!!! Go ahead, the next time you get a card close your eyes and touch it.. does it strike that sense in you?? where you know it's special?? This would be the card I would give Michael. He could feel all the time and talent put into it!
Materials she used for this card are: Fancy and Flexible Phrases, Wild Hearts, Loving Hearts; Paper:Shimmery White (which has a texture to it too!) Pretty in Pink, Regal Rose, Silver Metalic; Ink: Craft White, Close to Cocoa, Pretty in Pink, Taken with Teal, Uniball White Gel Pen; Accessories: Silver Metalic Brads, silver cord, rose grosgrain ribbon, winter white EP, silver EP, Microbeads(what a texture these have and make a great shimmer!), chipboard hearts- provide great dimension!
I'm impressed- are you?? Go over to her site and check her out!!!

I gotta crash... the kids have been hopping all day... here's one more I did for another shaker swap... enjoy!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

shaking out the cobwebs!

yep, I finally figured it out.. I made a watermark into a brush..
it took 3 scrappy/stampy websites to figure it out for all the cobwebs in my brain.
I commented on Gina K's blog that it was either lack of sleep, kids running around or how much they nursed...
sucked the brain cells right out of me!! lol!
I hopped from The Shaker Box where the owner, Michele C., gave me her input (thanks, girlie!) to Two Peas in a Bucket to SCS to figure out what I was doing right and wrong! whew- finally figured it out!!! and in the mean time not only did I figure out how to make a watermark but created a brush!!! Have you see how fun those things are? If you are a digiscrapper it is so cool!!! I've seen Rhonna Ferrer use them on her things- lovely!!! (I am so envious of digiscrappers... it seems to fast to me.. make a mistake- no worries "control z" that baby outa there! lol!

Anyway, I hope to make a "class" at The Shaker Box on how to create a watermark and a brush. It really is easy and fun to do!! It's a brave new world when I shake out a cobweb or 2! lol!

onto posting a swap I was in at SplitcoastStampers! Sarah had a fabulous idea about creating a Valentine's swap just for bloggers! How cool is that?? The idea was that we would create the cards, send them to her, she would swap them out and send them back to us. We had 12 in the group - it might seem like a lot but when I got into the grove of it I had a great time and had a ball working with my new stamps! (more on that in a minute) Anyway, so we each got one card from all the other players- love this- we get to see someone else's creativity and share in their excitement!! The catch to this special swap was to post all the cards on our blog and a link to that person's blog- great idea, huh??? I LOVE It!

Without further a do... here is the first card I want to share:

I used DeNami Design Stamps and American Crafts paper. The ribbon I have had in my stash for quite some time. The heart and cupid are both on foam tape and have also been colored with PrismaColors and then blended using Gamsol and stumps. It did take some time but it was all worth it. I had first stamped the cupid and then masked him off and stamped the heart around it....and then followed it up by restamping the cupid and using foam tape to pop it up again! I love the pink tushy it has! lol! The wings are covered in glitter glue just for that extra sparkle! gotta love glitter glue!

This second image is by Stamperosity. I think her style is clean and simple.. I love checking out what she has come up with lately... did you see what she got for Christmas for taking photos??? really an awesome set up! gotta love that! Do you know when you see a card from far off and there it is- the one that stands out because of the unexpected?? This is the card- the unexpected is the teal blue- really striking in a Valentine!!! The textures of this card are super in that Lynn used glitter, embossing, lots of layers, and 2 types of ribbon- lucious!
here is her recipe for success:
technique (thanks for doing this one- I had never seen it in person!) alchohol Polished Stone, Heat Embossing
Paper: Pretty in Pink, Close to Cocoa, Glossy CS, Temping Turquoise, DS PP/Loves Me
In: Craft Whisper White, Pretty in Pink, Real Red
Misc: rubbing alcohol, embossing powder, stickles, ribbon, dimensionals
Stamps: Noteworthy, Double Line Doodle, Floral

Saturday, January 27, 2007

font crazy!!!

I've gone dog-gone font crazy!!! I love a good font and have been saving them in a folder to place in the word section.. just don;t know how to do it and use it. Anyone have any good tutrial for me to follow???

font siites I am haunting :)

Da Fonts
Search Free Fonts
!Simply The Best

I have a ton to do today and need to drop by The Shaker Box and post today's challenge. I think it will be an art challenge today.... won't you join us??? Jas, you know you have spare time to play with scissors and glue :) lol

I can't seem to add an image this morning.. .so I will have to do it later this afternoon :)
Have a great day!

Friday, January 26, 2007


oh.. I have been looking alllll over the net trying to learn how to do a decent watermark on my things... and on the Blogger's Valentine Swap...
there are so many ways to do it and I don't have all the right stuff on my computer to make it work so I am coming up with things on my own- go figure...

I hope to learn how to "make my own brush" and even apply it on a batch of images... will wonders never cease... I have brain cells that actually work and make a connection on a synapse! lol!

dd had her 100th day of school today... She did such a great job

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

power outs and restarts

where to start.... power out again on Sunday took out the computer and before that a user error screwed up the blog.....

ever been in church, a restaurant, or somewhere you are to be composed.. a child SCREAMS... you look around to ask, "where is this child's mother????" Only to realize it's YOUR child?? LOL! yep, user error.. lol! Seriously, I do this when one of my angels acts up- totally takes the eyes off of an embarrasing moment only to lighten the mood of the moment :)

found a cool site this eveninh and thought I would share: Color Blender I just love sites that help a little like that! How coolis this person to have set that up- all so colors would blend!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A little Bit about me

I was tagged by Lula's Corner so here I am getting ready to share a little bit of me with you.. others I tagged are either family or friends :) enjoy!
A - Available or Single: Neither; been married for 15 1/2 years
B - Best Friend: My Husband, Jeff... best girlfriend would be Jeanine
C - Cake or Pie: this is tough.. depends on who is making it...and where it's from
D - Drink of Choice: Non-Alcoholic (Diet Coke with Lime) Alcoholic (Sangria or Gin & Tonic if Mom is making)
E - Essential item you use everyday: my car
F - Favorite Color: depends on my mood but I do prefer reds and yellows
G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Gummy Bears
H - Hometown: Memphis, Tn
I - Indulgence: chocolates
J - January or February: January- it's a great beginning, a fresh start
K - Kids & Names: Lady G, Queen V, Mr. T
L - Life is incomplete without?: faith
M - Marriage Date: June 6 (D day)
N - Number of Siblings: 3
O - Oranges or Apples: Apples; Honey Crisp are THE best
P - Phobias or Fears: being attacked, having my kids missing
Q - Fave Quote: (I said this over and over while in labor with all 3 kids) I can do all things through Christ (don't ask me where in the Bible it is.. I have no idea. lol)
R - Reason to Smile: my family, my faith, my hope
S - Season: each one brings excitement to my world!
T - Tag 3 or 4 People: inkastamp
Dancing Queen Jeanine
my crazy sister
Sarah and the Stampstars
U - Unknown fact about me: I wanted to not go to college but teach windsurfing instead and go on the surfing circuit as a semi-pro and then pro
V - Vegetable you don't like: Peas
W - Worst Habit: procrastination
X - X-rays: chest for plurisy and a broken ankle I got when dancing in college
Y - Your Fav Food: Mom's rice, monocotti and cheesecake, paella, fresh sangria, tortilla de papas
Z - Zodiac Sign: Libra

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

snow... lovely... white... snow!

oh, how I love snow!!! The day is so calm.....
I love to walk outside.. be the first one to walk in the solitude...
It is something close to being on the shores of Lake Michigan for me...
I think I was born in the wrong place... live in the wrong place... lol!

at the beginning of the week I listened to the crackle of the limbs as they hung with ice
today I walked listening to the scrunch the snow made under my boots and then
stood silent
only to hear
not even a whisper
landing on my coat

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sweet silence...
after my blog of blessings I slept better.... rested... fulfilled knowing I have blessings beyond my wildest dreams!!! and then all to be snuggled under a light blanket of snow.
just lovely!

Mr. T put on his first pair of shoes today.. yep.. first pair- I struggled, he giggled... and we finally got a pair of shoes on. First pair of shoes and he goes for a walk in snow... how great is that???
Queen V stuck her tongue out gathering snowflakes.
Lady G picked berries and hit trees with a stick to see if more snow would fall.
Just a lovely morning!!! How great a blessing is this??? just the best!

We have a driveby snowman... yep, we didn't build it... someone else did... it's at the top of the driveway. I'll add pics later... they got orange sidewalk chalk from where the kids left it for the nose and then rocks for the eyes!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

chores to blessings

more housework
spending time with kids
not being frustrated...

how do you handle it? what comes first? I think sometimes if I make a list it will be accomplished...
if I do the 15 min thing it will get done..
why can't we have a genie in a bottle every once in a while to make even one measely wish or chore come true...
why can't we wrinkle our noses and have it all great like in Bewitched???
I DO have faith.. if you read my blog you know I am full of faith... but just the mundane chores to disappear if given half a chance I would do!!! lol!

I did...
I prayed for runny noses... rubbing against me.. ok.. .maybe not that but you get the pic...
I prayed for extra loads of laundry...
I prayed for having to find a menu that will work for more than just me and dh...
I prayed for no hair do days... more like "hair don't days"
I prayed for toys strewn across the floor...
I prayed for snuggles...
I wished, I prayed..... I even wrinkled my nose a time or two...
so why do I feel overwhelmed???
because of all these blessings....

whew- journaling is a good thing- don't you think??? you get it out in the open... and then figure it out... it's all a blessing that is all across my floor... in the hamper... on the counters... outside by the sandbox..... it's all a blessing...

I am so glad I am so blessed... I remember nights and days of tears hoping for these blessings...

as I tried to explain my sense of overwhelming thoughts to my dh I explained my desire to have yet another baby... yep, amidst this chaos... amidst all these blessings.....
**angel above was stamped in Stazon, colored with Prismacolor pencils (my Christmas present from my dh) and then I used Gamsol (odorless mineral spirits) and a stump. I think she turned out really well... I will take her and make a card for a friend. She always sends the kids things in the mail... she told me she keeps all the handmade cards I send her. Sweet. She collects fairies but I was in the mood for an angel for her. I have stories of angels and will some day blog about that too. Probably in February. **

Monday, January 15, 2007

anddddddddddddddd she's back!!!

finally, I got my computer (thanks, sweetie!)

I snuck into my blog via Twistedsoda (thanks, Michelle! enjoy your vacation!)

my son is running around the house with toilet paper... little did he know I would squash his fun by stepping on the roll... yep, he went around the breakfast room, through the kitchen, in the dining room and now the study... he looked behind him and the roll had stopped...

where did it go?

he sees the stream of white behind him

retraces his steps...

nope, no roll.. why not?? he was rounding the corner into the frontroom to make the loop...

retracing again.... (I'm impressed at this point)

he throws his hands up in disgust... only to go back to the breakfast room..

my dd calls me to come see what he is up to now...

he is throwing pieces of toilet paper around... at least it's not wet!!! hahahahah

cards to come!

I joined a swap at and have had a ball with them.. I used DeNami stamps... I can't show you until the big reveal... in a few days... but will share other creations I have made since my computer was on the fritz ;)