Monday, January 15, 2007

anddddddddddddddd she's back!!!

finally, I got my computer (thanks, sweetie!)

I snuck into my blog via Twistedsoda (thanks, Michelle! enjoy your vacation!)

my son is running around the house with toilet paper... little did he know I would squash his fun by stepping on the roll... yep, he went around the breakfast room, through the kitchen, in the dining room and now the study... he looked behind him and the roll had stopped...

where did it go?

he sees the stream of white behind him

retraces his steps...

nope, no roll.. why not?? he was rounding the corner into the frontroom to make the loop...

retracing again.... (I'm impressed at this point)

he throws his hands up in disgust... only to go back to the breakfast room..

my dd calls me to come see what he is up to now...

he is throwing pieces of toilet paper around... at least it's not wet!!! hahahahah

cards to come!

I joined a swap at and have had a ball with them.. I used DeNami stamps... I can't show you until the big reveal... in a few days... but will share other creations I have made since my computer was on the fritz ;)


*Jeanne* said...

Hey there AM! I have missed ya! This card is adorable! How have you been?

Hugs to ya!

Jaci said...

Hi AnneMarie,

Glad you're up and running again! Funny story about the tp. My stinker kitty did that once. Pulled it from the roll in the downstairs bathroom!

That card is super cute!!! Can't wait to see more!


alli_scraps said...

hey!!! missed you and your blog!!! Welcome back...cute card!!

I remember both of my boys getting into the TP. My oldest one running it down the hall and my youngest one just sitting in the bathroom in a pile of TP...having a BALL! Hope you got photos!

JB said...

I could picture T running around very proudly! Pretty soon he'll be the little Mr fix it - trying to figure out how everything works. Reminds me of someone else I know... Something about the apple... falling... the tree... You know - lol.