Monday, October 30, 2006

things that go bump in the night!

we got "boo-ed" last night.. a neighbor dropped off a goodie bag full of spooky cups for the kids... they knocked so hard on the door I almost came out of my skin!!!

I don't have a lot of time tonight so I thought I would drop a quick note with a picture I got outside my front door this morning... bright and early!

found these links that might be helpful to some tomorrow night:
pumpkin pics:

general tips:

NY Institute tips (great ideas here!)
pdf here :

better photos dot com (this gives tips for pumpkins)

digital tips:

just in case you need some more ideas or written in a different way...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

good good good good vibrations!

love that BEach Boys song!
I have seen the Beach Boys so many times through highschool and college.
I think I have seen Chicago more though... another great summer band! lol!

in keeping with my sister's thought of keeping that "relaxed summer vacation feeling" going I am putting up a LO I did of my kiddos taking a dip this last August on my son's first birthday...

NOTE- I am NOT a lime green girl... or a neon scrapper but I had this kit from a swap I was in at Lifetime Moments from oh so long ago and can't NOT use it.. it had the papers, the frame, the cardstock... so it just kind of fell in place with a sketch that Chris created for The Shaker Box I think it looks ok.. and it needed to be done for the little guy's album.. boy, I took a lot of pics that day!

I have been loving the cards I see at SCS and hope some of the talent rubs off on me.. I did some tags with my buddy Jeanine on Friday so we have homemade tags on our gifts this Christmas.. we did Santa stamps- I think they need some help.. I will see what else I can do. We talked about doing it but I didn't get to do anything to plan so it was by the seat of my pants. We got 24 done and there was one I snuck in on her :) Did you see it, Jeanine?? a little extra! We will do more religios ones next time in silvers and blues.. maybe some burgandy and kraft.. who knows! lol!

I need some inspiration.. do you know of a great gallery for tags for gifts?? who do you look for inpiration for??

Friday, October 27, 2006


talking to dd about numbers.. it's so funny to hear what a little one thinks about such things as they learn....

we were discussing something after dinner... can't remember what it was but our oldest pipes in to ask us some questions..
we ask her one: hey, what comes after 1000?
Lady G: cookies!
silence.... followed by a burst of laughter!

what is she thinking??? lol!
she and I caught a little bit of the Today show before school and Merideth and Matt were discussing 2006... do you say it two thousand AND six or two thousand six. Well, being a teacher's daughter I taught her NOT to say one hundred AND one. It simply isn't correct! So Lady G announces to the TV, "hey, you can't say the AND. It doesn't exist when discussing numbers!" Thata girl! give 'em hell! lol! yet one of my pet peeves will NOT be coming out of this babe's mouth! lol!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

just a moment...

I had to cover dd's drama club today.. it was fun...
what is even funnier is that a gal perceives me as having only half a brain got some respect for me today.. yep... she saw me "teach" these kids in how to present something... listen...and present again... only better the second time around...

I was filling in for the other mommy volunteer and we have different ways of going about things... I love it... she makes me think differently about teaching... it was cool to see if I could still make kids jump with a smile on thier face...

anyway, this other gal, kept asking me where I was getting my ideas... what did you read on the paper? how do you know what to ask the kids? how do you get them to do this? I remind her I taught for 10 years.. it's my profession....

made me smile... I think she gets it... and...
I still got it! (LOL! strutting around like Vinny Barbarino now... lol!)

anyway, I got a square Marvy Uchida Giga Punch today... I so want a scalloped oval and a scalloped circle but I can only find one and it's at JoAnn's dot com. So..what to do....
make a card with what I've got!

stamps: Hero Arts, My Sentiments Exactly!, DJ Inkers

Monday, October 23, 2006

wishful thinking... and silly sayings...

ok, so I volunteered at dd's school today.
they are rhyming.
I love rhyming..
kids are so innocent
or so I thought


so they have to rhyme : cat, fit, duck

picture this:
boy walks up to teacher
teacher leans down
student says, "I know the word is duck. can I say..."
whispers in the air
teacher replies, "let's keep it appropriate. ok?"

I am rolling!
teacher never flinched.
kid shrugs shoulders and walks back to desk.

wonder what's said in his house, huh? lol!

I'm trying to upload pics.. darn (ryhmes with barn ;) )... blogger won't let me. (edited to add.. got it on.. yippeee!)
I am investigating angel policies of rubber stamps to allow me to post some things on ebay.
yep, I am taking the plunge.
A great friend (hi, Paula!) encouraged me to do it and now I am going to do it.
I have a deadline of this week to get things up and running... it's fast and furious but I have to help around here and my relaxation comes from stamping, photography, and scrapping... put those together and I just might have some ideas to sell...
it's a leap of faith
I think I have not done it all these years because I am afraid to fail.
I said it.
I can't believe it but I think I have come to terms with it.
It's hard to do but if I don't try I will never know- will I??

if I get to post pics I will show you what I am NOT putting on ebay... some things I cannot sell- angel policy doesn't apply.

have you ever sold on ebay??? what was it? how did it make you feel?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

silly sayings and doodles

ok.. gotta tell you about the car ride to Mass last night
Queen V announces, "I need a boyfriend!"
me: huh? turning around quickly to see her face,....
she is sitting with her legs crossed... geeze!
Queen V: yep, I need a boyfriend to take me to the ball.
dh: she must be talking about Robbie's wedding.. (she's the flower girl)
me: well... how 'bout Daddy?
Queen V: nooooooooooooooooooooo, I'm just a little kid... I'm 3. He's too big!
me: well, do you know any little kids?
Queen V: no.... (she then starts to name cousins... and her dog.... )

whew! that was close.. what does she know about boyfriends???

the girls drew and drew this weekend... Lady G is making a scrapbook for her CCD work. She doesn't quite realize it and so we hang it on the "ART GALLERY" for safe keeping right now...

inlaws came tonight and I got a bunch of scrap goodies to feed my addiction! yummy!
the kids were so excited to see them.. that's a good thing :)

dh mopped the floor- he is REALLY picky about it so I let him have it... kind of like me making the bed.... it has to be a certain way.. my mom made me that way.... gotta be just right with hospital corners- she taught!!! If they come apart- even in the middle of the night- I have been known to get up and make it ... AGAIN.. yep, can't handle the sheets to be a mess when I am sleeping.. lol!

makes me think... is there something that you are stubborn about??? do you have to do something just one way or it bugs you???

I have found some interesting and inspirational links in the last day or two surfing the net...
the first gal, from WAshington has an amazing blog.. sells cards and man, she is good! her stamping and coloring is amazing!!!
check her out!Simple Dream

and the second one I found most interesting reminds me of my good friend, Twistedsoda. I have found a true person... a true friend in Michelle J. She amazes me in her selfless heart...
anyway.. the blog I found that reminds me of her is Dina Stamps Her blog is amazing.. she puts herself out there with her artwork.. ATC, journals, scrapbooks.. love that! THanks for the inspiration, ladies!!! YOU ROCK!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

my mind is full of cobwebs

I was once told cobwebs were not from spiders but from dust..
is this true?? hmmm

well, a friend.. a dear friend I called Dad as a kid is having a rough night... say prayers for him if you can... he is in the hospital... his dd and I were the best of friends in highschool.. she married my oldest brother... Dad needs prayers and lots of them!!!

because of this my mind is on other things... couldn't get into the grove of scrapping.. or stamping... I started several things only to not finish them up.. I did finally get 2 ATCs done... will put them up for grabs at

Friday, October 13, 2006

one more try...

The Spooktacular Crop is going on at
there are so many challenges and contests it will knock your socks off!!
come play with us!
I'm about to upload a photography challenge for all of you photography buffs!!!! come play!

now.. since blogger is not letting me post my creations... you will have to come to the gallery at The Shaker Box and see what all we are doing!!!
don't forget to introduce yourself!!!

Happy Card

scarecrow card

Thursday, October 12, 2006

cards for my muse... if blogger will let me post...

ok.. so it took me a little more than a few minutes..
I was inspired by some cards I saw at splitcoaststampers I love these cards and the designs are so cute with all the layering. This Jeanne
I did the Happy one the other night and the scarecrow with Queen V. She and I had a blast while Mr. T was sleeping.. in the backpack... still can't get him into the crib.... go figure...

if you can stop by The Shaker Box starting tomorrow we are having an online crop!!! Yep, there will be prizes... come play if you have a chance!

just one more gal.. her name is Julia- her style is amazing!! Julia's splitcoast gallery

well.. seems I can't upload tonight.. this is a first for me.. usually I get on and post a pic.. but not today.. time for bed.. will try again tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

such a long time looking

finding myself
finding the teacher in me.... again
finding the mother
finding the wife
finding the sister
finding the friend
finding the daughter
finding the creator... the artist in me...
finding the priorities in life

so many things going on in my life that it's hard to know where to begin...
priorities.. where am I now?

I used to be a sailor, an illustrator, a horseback rider, a dreamer... or was I?

Was it something that other people wanted me to be and I never really got a chance to figure out who I am?? And now that I am a mother and a wife will I find out who and what I really am??? How do I express this to my family? When is the right time to be ME?

Ali E asks us to create a mini book of the 5 things that are our favorites..


what THINGS are my favorites???

Last summer when we did the summer reading program at the library I had to go ask a librarian to help me figure out what I liked. I wasn't sure. I can read Suess, Carle, or Brown like there is no tomorrow.. a text on Columbus... or some other obscure piece of history.... She led me to Patterson Women's Murder Club . They are quick reads and in between chasing a baby, changing a diaper and pushing a swing I can get a few pages in here and there... I didn't know what really was MY favorite type of story..

I do KNOW one thing for sure.. I like to walk on the beach.. even just sit and listen to the waves. I do have to make myself do this now.. as a kid- a teen- I could lie by the lake and listen to the lapping of the waves and rock myself into complete bliss... It is such my mecca.. God definitely made this for me.. but now... in my stage of life it is locked in my brain for me to listen to... I can't get there for various reasons...

I want my kids to know what it is to get up and GO some where... some where special that becomes special to THEM. For sister it is to go home.. her true home to regenerate her juices.. she seems more alive since she dipped her toes into the Adriatic! How romantic is that!

something someone told me tonight.. I didn't know this man and he for sure didn't know how carefully I was listening to him but this is so true what he said, "if you don't take the time to invest in them (meaning kids) now they will wonder what they are truly worth.... don't just get them any skates- get the ones that are good... dont just get them any bike- spend the money on the one that is really good... make the investment in them.. it will be repaid in their actions... " So true, don't you think...

someone else told me this week, "it's not the money you spend now on them. God will provide for things later. If it weren't for XYZ being in hockey we would have never taken this trip.... gone on this excursion... all as a FAMILY"

so I go back to ask myself... how do I as the mother provide what the kids need? It is the best investment I can make....

my favorites??
I'm still working on them...
it's so hard for me to come up with a list of favorites...
it's always changing

I'm always changing
always searching for something more
wanting more.. not material things for me
answers for the future...

what if I make a wrong move?
what if I should have turned left instead of right?
what if I spent one more moment with my kids??

what if I find out who I am and truly share that with my