Thursday, February 15, 2007

can't download my daughter's play pics

I am so upset I can't stand it...

I can't download...
I took the greatest shots of her... saw them on the camera but when we got home I tried to put them on the computer and the file says they are not there...
the computer reads that there is information there.. .
I went to put the card back into the camera and it reads that there are no images....

have you ever had problems downloading or having the computer download from the chip???
I'm just heartsick!
help me if you can!

I got my pics!! not all of them but most of them.. Canon told me I was out of luck. Sans Disk said I was out of luck.. Wolf Camera told me I was out of luck.. I just refused to believe the... I got the pics and they are wonderful!!!
I did a memory image recovery thanks to some gals on ILP (they are so sweet!! thanks!!)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Passions and Definitions

such a wonderful thing to be in love!
to be passionate!
what are you passionate about?
what defines you?
are these 2 one in the same?
is there a difference???

I would love to know what makes you guys tick.. I see there are quite a few that drop by... leave me a comment....

no crafting today- but plenty of picture taking. I seem to be underexposing them.. figured out how to change the exposure tonight and we'll see if it will make a difference. I have a question about f-stops.. feel dumb asking it but I can't make the appeture go any higher than 4.0 Do any of you know why??? hmmmm

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

how many hobbies can one person have??

I think I have a sickness....
I jump from hobby to hobby...
hoping I will get the hang of it...

design for scapbooking
settings, composition, and color for photography
colors and techniques in stamping

I think I need a good pair of walking shoes... I need to get my fanny up and move it... lol! The closer I get to 40 the closer I don't want to have the "spread!" lol!
I love to work out- it gives me a sense of empowerment!
noone does it for you.. you have to do it yourself!

ahhhhhhhhhh but then calls my camera.... and now a new one I can't stand myself! I have spent some time surfing at 2Peas and then at KT to learn more. I have gone to the Canon forum but something tells me not to stick around... so I lurk and don't comment. I really want to learn how to get that shot.. the one SOOC (straight out of camera) that has someone say- she got it! She has the touch... right now I am lucky when I get that shot- you know??? I want to learn HOW and master it... I have the tool.. but need the time... with 3 little ones around it's tough!
Paintedmoon on 2P suggested reading megapixel myths and then someone else discussed reading this article. Both are really interesting ... at least to me.. a little food for thought about cameras.
Anyway, yesterday as we waited for Lady G to get out of school I got some shots of Queen V- hey, she was strapped in and couldn't go anywhere.... so I snapped away, dogearing my manual and adjusting the settings... I still underexposed and don't really know why so I had to use Levels and fill flash on these to get them ok- what do you think?
when blogger decides not to have hotflashes with uploading I will be back.. gotta get a quick shower... dh is snuggling our wee-one and is SNORING big time!

Monday, February 12, 2007

let's pretend

Lady G became sick this weekend.. poor babe-
I knew she was going to be because of her wierd sleep habits during the week- I could just tell. She came sleep walking into my room on Wednesday or Thursday and then got up on my bed and danced around.. saying, "let's pretend"
ok.. let's pretend, Lady G
"let's pretend I am mad"
"ok... you're mad... now what?"
"I dunno." then she climbs into my arms and sucks her thumb...

I take her back to her bedroom and put her back under the covers.
She appears again only to be talking to dh in the front room- he didn't know she was asleep... lol!
well, needless to say she missed her first sleepover/birthday party and a cousin's First Communion and her first Gymnastics meet. Sad day.. she came ripping into our room and I knew right away without touching her she had a fever and was going to miss her busy weekend... poor girl. She did get to pretend it was 1950 and go to a sock hop on Friday night... she had a great time!

soooooo let's pretend I am not late on getting cards posted...
let's pretend I am a super photographer and these shots I got were on purpose...
let's pretend I got allll the laundry done....
now- isn't that nice??? I get to blog??? lol!

We are going to start a new thing at The Shaker Box. A lot of blogs are posting about "blog candy" and Hemimom (aka Angela) also thought it would be a good idea to create some "Shaker Candy" so that is what we are going to do!!! I am the first to start this and will post some time this week what the first "Shaker Candy" will be!!! I am so excited!!! Are you ready to play?? Come over, join us- you know you want to... all the cool kids are doing it!!! What? you say you aren't a cool kid??? WEll... .we can PRETEND! lol! just kidding!!!

ok- so quickly - some photos of my son- love these shots even if they are dark... let's just pretend they are "warm!" Yeah, that's the ticket!! lol!

This card is created by Amy Rysavy. This gal has more galleries at more places than you can imagine!! She has one at Inky Antics and another at All That Scraps. She is also a designer for Gina K Each one of these sites has talented artists! You really should drop by Amy's blog to see her talents- she has many tutorials and explains her cards in great detail!

Keri Sereika aka Pink Lemonade shows off her talents in her galleries at Inky Antics where she is a moderator on the forum and at SCS You will find oooodles of work on her galleries to inspire your stamping whimsy!! I also love her gallery on her blog for Gina K grouping!

So.. let's pretend I had a lot of time to make cards to post here....
and let's pretend I have a lot of time to work my PSE2...
and let's pretend I got allll the laundry sorted, washed, folded and put away.....
and let's pretend I got to ride my girl today...

Friday, February 09, 2007

freebies and giveaways... had to tell you what I found!

PrismaColor Giveaway

Act Of Kindness

CK download

FRAK Friday

SU! blogger lottery tomorrow the information will be revealed :)

Inkastamp Blog Candy

Elsie's sketches

don't forget to link to the Craft Critique (it's in my sites to see -> )

brushes (donations accepted)

so many ideas!

For a little one'sirthday bash Would this not be the cuteset?
Queen V already has plans and you cross her path you'd be invited too! lol!
Polly Pocket
NO boys

I think Sarah has the best ideas! So since she is so groovy I thought I would share her card today! It's reminicent of cards we gave as kids but with her own twist- she made it into a little book! She is so sweet and giving of her talents- and she has many. You can find lots of tutorials for fun ideas for an adfult and a child- just now to find the time! lol! She once told me it was her ambition to have a giant shoebox swap for SCS. How fun would that be??? What is a shoebox swap you ask? Well, it's when a group of gals get together to stamp a set of cards. Prior to coming the individual creates one stamp as the example for her "shoebox." Inside said box are kits for all the other participants to copy that card! She will have collected the inks, stamps and cut out paper, ribbons and whatever else they want on the card... ool idea, huh? I would love to do this some day but since Mr T is stil nursing it's just not my time yet- maybe this fall :)

Yesterday wad a first.
I had my first Starbucks.
I think I have to go to confession it was so sinful!
Peppermint Mocha,
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good!
Have you ever gone? What did you get???

After that I trotted down the street to a toystore with the wee ones and Mom. She - Mom- was having a blast!! Wait till you see what we got there- so many litte goodies for Easter baskets and Queen V's birthday! Next to that is a new store that sells cheese curds. I so love these and so do the kids! They don't quite squeak like the ones I found in Algoma, Wi. but they are as close as I can get! I got another cheese at this store the other day- apricot stilton- blech! We threw it away! Then into the car and down the highway... to get....


Can you stand it???!!!? Pinch me!Pinch me! It didn't really hit me until I almost peed in my pants- not really - just an expression! After playing with it last night I have come to the conclusion that I am a blithering idiot!!! lol! It will take some time, practice and rereading the manual several times before mastery- but what a fun time, huh?

Monday, February 05, 2007


My friend, Twistedsoda, is asking about obsessions.. what do we obsess about?
being late for my dd's school
learning digi
a new camera... still don't have one and it drives me nuts
selling on ebay.. gotta get the nerve to put myself out there
being heard... not letting others tromp on me (it happened 2 times this past weekend)
having a presentable home
spending enough time with my kids

As I looked on the fridge tonight while gathering things to pull together for dinner I saw pics of my dd when she was 18 mo, 24 mo and right before she started kindergarten... I remember taking that 18 mo pic like it was last night!! I wondered then what would her life be like in a few years... highschool... college.. and now I DON'T obsess about that- I want to savor each moment that I have with the kids I want to read with them, color with them, swing with them, talk and listen to them.... When my kids ask me to push it's all too easy to say no, not now.. when a push is what is really needed... dust bunnies will still be there- you know??? leftovers are fine and we really don't need placemats for every meal :) She can read now and is reading BlueBerries for Sal to impress her daddy for Valentine's. It used to be one of his favorite books when he was a boy and I found it at the library!!! How exciting... I want to savor the NOW ... I obsess about that I guess... savoring the NOW... and not worrying what the future may hold... I know the future makes her sprout her wings and fly away...
the other 2 are catching up fast... in their own way..

I obsess about being there for them.. I think it's a good obsession right now- don't you?

How about another fab Valentine??

This one is created by
Michelle Laycock She is a true ink artist!! details, details, it's in the details- from the different color inks, to embossing, to glitter, hemp, beads and eyelets- this card has it all!! Her blog is amazing and she has been doing it for so long. Like Sarah Moore stated in her blog about Michelle- it would take a good long while to sift through the files Michelle has!! Go check out her files and see what goodie you can pick up and try!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

sketches and Valentine Cards

soooo I woke with yet another migraine... hope when the next babe comes it will take away my migraines... they really are a pain! I think I found the stuff I used to use from China. A guy I used to tutor while in college- I needed him for my linguistics courses and he needed me to decipher his work for his disertation- gave me some stuff that worked like a charm! A new store went in the next town over and they carry this stuff.. now to actually buy it when I go there again! duh.. I just keep hoping they will go away magically!!!

I created a sketch for The Shaker Box and am pretty proud of it.. Now it's no Jessic Sprague but hey, I am not complaining! I think I finally understand the layers thing- just watch it all change into something so bizarre I'll never catch up!! I do have one question... how do I open up a zip file... I have all these wonderful digi kits I have downloaded for free but for the life of me can't unzip them...
Well, anyway, we have a February challenge to come play- stampers, digi and paper alike!!! I did have a good time with the computer adding things to my scanned in sketch... lol! I wouldn't have been able to do it if it were not for Jessica's Photoshop Friday I love having a quick lesson on something- she showed where to find SHAPES for thing.. there are so many!! love that!

Today's image (up above) is brought to you via that wonderful swap that Sarah & The Stampstars created!!! It was made by Denise Foxworthy. Her blog is so great- I found "Organizing Junkie" I can't find her site right now... will have to post later. But let me tell you it is good! Anway, back to Denise- her cards in her
gallery are simple in design but when you start looking you see the beauty in her simplicity- love that! It's the little touches that make it worthwhile!!
You have to go visit her blog to find out what she is up to- she has a lot of interests and I bet one of them is one of yours!

I did get some pics of my kids today... Lady G, Queen V, Mr T and my old lady, YoYo... they all look so sweet together!!! I will have to post tomorrow.
Gotta go scrap before I forget how!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

silliness, stamping, photoshop, and BOYS

a little conversation with Queen V yesterday..
picture this:
we're in the van coming home from Burger King where we met the other mama's we hang with
Mr. T is asleep in his carseat because of going to "bounce time" at the library prior to this field trip
Queen V: mama, I kissed a boy!
me: huh?
Queen V: I kissed a boy!
me: where?
Queen V: on the forehead!
me: where were you when you kissed the boy?
Queen V: in the tunnel
me: Why did you kiss the boy? (makes me hear the song from Little Mermaid)
Queen V: because I like boys!
me: ok.. you can like boys but why kiss them??
Queen V: because I love to kiss them!
me: almost wrecking the van by now... ummmmm where do I go from here.. searching my brain... uhmmmmmm
I mean, what do I say? she is not even in school yet!!!
did I mention this is a friend's son..... he is homeschooled.... uhhhhhhhhhhh

so tonight at church I discuss this little show of affection with my friend... looks like we'll be drinking margaritas and dirty martinis- whatever they are- they are my friend's favorite... lol! soooooo now what???

My friend goes to talk to Queen V and asks her what was up... she puts one shoulder up and has a coy smile.. lol!

this card is by
Cindy Lou Who What a talented stamper she is!!! If you haven't been to her blog she gives away FREE blog candy every Friday!!! Who doesn't like FREE??? lol! All you have to do is sign up and see if she draws your name. I got the first ever blog candy she made- and those petals for the flower- she made them with the extra rubbah you have when cutting out unmounted stamps- gotta love a girl on a mission!! This card glitters so much with all the dimension she added!!! If you haven't joined in on her FRAKs as she calls them then you are definitely missing out!!! She is also having a tutorial on her word phrases she uses and how she does it - makes it look so smoooooooooooth! lol! Her tutorial is accompanied by a deal on getting these cute little stamps.. seems she knows somebody that knows somebody.. lol! If you get a chance to look at her gallery it TOTALLY cracks me up! She has a quick wit about her!

I joined an image swap by her and I can't wait to see what all I get back! Several of the girls are using Bella Stamps. I can't wait to get some images of these gals! lol! So fun and sweet!!! I will have to find some sassy sayings to go with them!! Now... for me.. I have to figure out what to stamp for these gals... I am leaning toward Spring things.. I jump from image to image- it will all be a surprise.. hope Cindy doesn't mind... lol!

So from RAKS to stamps to Photoshop...
I went to Jessic Sprague's blog and wanted to look up some ideas to use for my photos. I love her style!!! Anyway, if you know me from The Shaker Box you know I am longing to learn about PSE2 and digi scrapping.... more of nursing babes sucking out my braincells.. I swear when I taught history and ESL I showed my kids how to do presentations using all this stuff and now.. kaput... nada... nothin' registering upstairs... until I found Jessica and now my new digi friend Verna. I have learned so much in the last few days following their lead.. lovely!!! ***clap like Paula Abdul*** lol! Such clean cut descriptive directions.. and when I posted on Jessica's blog a question refering to not being able to do something she walked me through it where I *could* figure it out!! yipee!! She will update her blog now with the little adendum to help out others in my perdicament!! Yea, Jessica! Yea, me! lol!

and last but not least... an SCS Valentine Blog!!!

I love what Amanda Sewell did with this card- really adult!! The lips change from red to black when going from one layer to the next- gotta remember to do something like this- take a stamp and just change the color from one layer to the next.. What a simple thing but it makes it stunning!! love that! You have to stop by her blog Inkspirations and check out her creativity!! From recipes to family to her card making - it is so fresh and inviting!! like going to a friend's for a cup of sugar! lol!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Alora Sweetser... her name says it all- doesn't it?
get a load of her FRESH card!

the colors are yumm-o!!
it's all in the details, I tell ya!! Alora stamped the background in a monochromatic color and then layered it on from there! I *love* her watercoloring and how well she blends- awesomw! Good things come in 3s: faux stitching, dotted ribbonm and the barads- all these elements keep your eyes flowing! The sweet little stamped "valentine" is just the right touch. It's not your ordinary Valentine... it's for sure special!
Her gallery is full of inspiration and she curls her images to give dimension!
I love dimension on images and my scrappy friend Jeanne does phenomenal work like this. I first saw this curling of objects in an Aussie site and fell in love! I need to get on the ball and do it too!