Tuesday, February 13, 2007

how many hobbies can one person have??

I think I have a sickness....
I jump from hobby to hobby...
hoping I will get the hang of it...

design for scapbooking
settings, composition, and color for photography
colors and techniques in stamping

I think I need a good pair of walking shoes... I need to get my fanny up and move it... lol! The closer I get to 40 the closer I don't want to have the "spread!" lol!
I love to work out- it gives me a sense of empowerment!
noone does it for you.. you have to do it yourself!

ahhhhhhhhhh but then calls my camera.... and now a new one I can't stand myself! I have spent some time surfing at 2Peas and then at KT to learn more. I have gone to the Canon forum but something tells me not to stick around... so I lurk and don't comment. I really want to learn how to get that shot.. the one SOOC (straight out of camera) that has someone say- she got it! She has the touch... right now I am lucky when I get that shot- you know??? I want to learn HOW and master it... I have the tool.. but need the time... with 3 little ones around it's tough!
Paintedmoon on 2P suggested reading megapixel myths and then someone else discussed reading this article. Both are really interesting ... at least to me.. a little food for thought about cameras.
Anyway, yesterday as we waited for Lady G to get out of school I got some shots of Queen V- hey, she was strapped in and couldn't go anywhere.... so I snapped away, dogearing my manual and adjusting the settings... I still underexposed and don't really know why so I had to use Levels and fill flash on these to get them ok- what do you think?
when blogger decides not to have hotflashes with uploading I will be back.. gotta get a quick shower... dh is snuggling our wee-one and is SNORING big time!

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Gina said...

Boy do we have stuff in common: kids, scrapbooking, photography and exercise!! I felt like I was reading my own blog! : ) Thanks for those links. I'll be looking into those!