Saturday, July 18, 2009

busy day

The day actually started off with Lady G having an MRI. She has had lots of migraines so we had to get to the bottom of it. Since she is considered a "cured epileptic" the neurologist didn't want to take any chances... She stayed so still, listened closely to the technician and go to jam to music she brought in!!!! They had headphones for her and we had gone to the library the day before just to get music for her to listen to while the knocking and pinging going on. I got to stay in the room and read!!! awesome!!

After the MRI we went and got some dollar sunglasses (my nice ones are broken...) and she got a pair too!!! She is one cool kid- don't you think?

We had a funeral to attend but just couldn't get from the MRI to Lindsay for it so we said our own prayers here. My sweetie went to the Rosary the night before and saw cousins he never knew he had and learned a few things he never knew.
about his great aunt.

After cleaning out the van (boy, it needed it!!) we drove up to Gainesville for a birthday party in the park. We loved seeing little CJ for his second birthday!

He was so excited to open each present!!
The crew was invited to his party and gave him some foam toys to stick on the bathtub tiles.. a roadway that fits together like a puzzle and cars and trucks to run up and down the tub tiles!!! (Amanda, I can't wait to see the pics of tub time!!)
Our kiddos had such a good time.. well, minus Princess A... she is cutting teeth again so fussy is her language of late.. if we have music playing she will giggle and dance... I *have* to get a video of that!

The park we were in was one my sweetie played in as a boy. There is a pool right next to it where he learned to swim!! The kids thought that was great and wanted to go for a swim. I only had Princess A's swim diaper (doesn't everyone travel with a swim diaper??? lol!) so we didn't go for a dip!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

sweet sunsets

icecream cones 1.25
icecream 4.96
sunset 0.00
sweet sunsets to remember: PRICELESS

I could not pass up such a sweet sunset... we sat on the back porch, ate drippy icecream and had lots of chocolate smiles afterwards.. how great is that??

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

partly cloudy

Isn't it amazing how wonderful life is?
On some days it seems as though others have it easier.
On other days it seems as though we are walking on rainbows.
Either way we need to realize that it is God's will that we should follow.
We need to figure out how important it is to see the good in all.
Kids do it so naturally... we teach them not to...
How can we be more trusting in a world so full of fear? in a world full of wanting what other's have???
How can we protect ourselves while fulfilling our destiny to do God's will...
have faith

I was sent the link to this blog I will be looking more at what he has to say in the future. His thoughts and words are very poiniant at this day and time...