Tuesday, September 11, 2012

conquering fear

after a full day of learning. evening game. all boy. then the sunset and no lights came on. Mr. T was asked to be goalie. He had played goalie in our backyard but never for a game. I was all excited hollering for him to get the ball when it came down to him... forgetting his fear of the dark. and it got dark. and he was waiting for his teammates to come back towards him- even if they were trying to get the ball past him, at least he had people by him. After the game when we were safe at home he told me of his fear and how he didn't like being back there. all by himself. Put the big L on my forehead for LOSER! oh man. I felt awful.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

soccer season has begun!

love this toothless grin!

Each time one of my kiddo's tries a sport I get a little tickled inside. I know the anticipation of trying something new and the courage it takes to step out as an athlete is huge!

 I have to remember I am NOT the one playing but the one cheering them on, hoping they find the joy in the sport they have chosen.  I love seeing my kids look over at me with a HUGE grin on their face and wind blowing in their hair- that is priceless for sure!