Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

finally, a little white stuff to put me in the mood!!!
I hung some garland just out of Mr. T's reach... and hung pretty bows with beautiful gem colors on it- lovely!!
This flanks my fireplace..
I will get more done this weekend at the Dashing Through Your Stash Open House at The Shaker Box.
We have Diva challenges for the 15 minute dash around the house.
We have Martha and her Alter Egos creating something out of nothing.
We have Dashing Card Makers creating the most fabulous of cards using sketches only to be found at The Shaker Box and themes as well!
I am so excited... Sarah from
Stamp Stars is going to do some tutorials on Monday!!! Wait till you see what she has in store!! She has a great talent! She will post and answer questions if you have any for her!

All this for what?? To get us and hopefully YOU into the mood for the holidays!!
I have lots to get to....

The kids had a great time playing in the snow today... not too long... they aren't use to this at all!
My horse, YoYo, loved it- she is prancing around just like she was 3 again.. she is 30 ;) Love that grey mare!!
Mr. T needs shoes.. his don't fit.. he suffers from fat feet and a high arch.. like his mama.. poor boy.

will come back and post a photo or 2 a little later.. gotta get ready for the Open House

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dash Around Your Stash crop

**sung to the tune of Jingle Bells**

Dashing through your stash
Making gifts, tags and cards all day
Over the pages we go, laughing all the way.
glitter on gift-tags bling, making spirits bright,
What fun it is to scrap and stamp a crafty gift tonight!

scrap and stamp, scrap and stamp, digi all the way
oh what fun it is to play in a studio tonight!
cards and tags, cards and tags, alter that one quick!
oh what fun it is to play in a studio tonight!

Come and join the fun
in a wild and crazy time
Over the dreams we go, wishing all the way.
ShakerBox will rock, making creations grow,
Join the Shaker crew right now, get ready to crop, let's go!

WHO? The Shakers are holding an open house!
WHAT? challenges, gift tutorials, card sketches, unwinding time before the Holiday Rush!
WHEN? beginning Friday, December 1 and running through Monday, Dec. 4
WHERE? here at The Shaker Box!
WHY? to clean house, organize cards, address those envelopes, make some cool gifts, come to some AMAZING tutorials... TO HAVE SOME FUN!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

she was right.. 3 years old is tough!

yep... my Queen V wore flip flops today.. she had a big day!
she was in the last class of gymnastics today..
she got a ribbon instead of a medal like her sister..
tears gushed!!! I had to explain to her about accepting a gift graciously..
good sportman like conduct..
she was right.. 3 years old is tough!

then later we were out enjoying some Indian Summer and she choked...
while jumping on our trampoline..
I never ran so fast... I grabbed her out of the net and threw her upside down...
another explanation...
we don't jump with candy... ever!
I told her, "you scared me to death!"
She told me, "I scared me to death too!"
she was right.. 3 years old is tough!

I *had* to get these cards up to share.. I had been working on these for a bit..
they are stamped and colored with General watercolors and Craft T chalks. The chalk I used an EZ chalk enhancer. I was thinking it would give me a look like the Gamsol gives other people using colored pencils (I still call them map pencils.. it's what I used in my class with my students... oh so long ago....) Some of the chalks have a shimer to them- beautiful! If you can get these they are worth it!

This last card, Let Your Heart, I had so much fun! I got the sketch from SandyG at . I used the tips from Sweet Miss Daisy about coloring in part of your white object blue.. it makes them actually seem more white... I think I over did it but, boy, I had a good time! lol! She did a card where there were polar bears sliding but her entire background was white.. looks great!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Room for Him

H. Satterberg stamp
"It's so hard being 3.. "
famous words of my 3 year old after she got caught fibbing...
"can't I just get a hug and a kiss from you?"
such sweet innocense.. how could I resist...
teaching right from wrong
good from bad
mad from sad

it all stems from last night's experience... my 3 year old, Queen V, cut her hair...
it has NEVER been cut!
such beautiful blonde locks..
how could I cut it???
well, I didn't.. she did... or Max or Emmy did...
nope, she said her sister did it..
only thing is.. her sister was at a friend's house..

what to do..
what to do...
3 is tough?? try being a MOM! geeze!
she knows.. just when to turn it on to make my heart melt...

my buddy, Jeanine, wrote about her 2 year old granddaughter crawling up in her lap last week at 2 am...

2am - shouldn't she be asleep at that time???

well, that home rocks at all hours.. and there is ALWAYS plenty of love.. plenty of lap to jump on and just enjoy the moment. How many of us would do that? or scurry our children to bed?? A lesson is to be learned there.. to make room.. make time for our little ones... make time for the little things that mean SO MUCH!

I learn so much from Jeanine... she has no idea... patience of a saint she has!! Her last 3 and my 3 are days apart in age from each other and we SEE and EMPATHIZE with each other because we are in the same spot in life.. for some things...

so... can't you just give me a hug and a kiss???

you bet... there was a discussion of right and wrong

of mad and sad

even a touch of the 10 Commandments...

but all followed by hugs and kisses..

and I love yous.....
there should be "room for Him"

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Top 10 reasons I am glad Jasenka is my Sister!

Here we go.. no particular order until the end...
We got to chose each others as sisters
We can argue in the Grand Canyon and still come out singing "I was walking in Memphis!"
Big discussions on life.. even if we don't agree we still listen to each other.
toothpaste.. want some? hahaha
singing in the car with you
chatting on the phone with you
I have another home.. in another city and even another country... any time I want!
being there for me.. any time

I hope your day was a good one.. that you get all the wishes from blowing out your candles... Less than a month and we can celebrate together!!!

pictures pictures pictures

A wife invited some people to dinner.
At the table, she turned to their six-year-old daughter and said, "Would you like to say the blessing?"

"I wouldn't know what to say," the girl replied.

"Just say what you hear Mommy say," the wife

The daughter bowed her head and said, "Lord, why on earth did I invite all these people
to dinner?"

man, all I can say is.. Thank You to my brother for having Thanksgiving dinner at his house! lol! CAn't you just see this being said???

ok.. pics- tons and tons of pics.. my dh thought we were going to be at the botanical gardens for about 30 minutes to get this generational photo... yep, 3 generations in this photo.. it is his mom's idea.. if they thought 30 minutes was all it was going to take for an "on location" photo shoot they should have scheduled for Target or JC Penney. Nothing wrong with them- I've used The Red Dot Boutique, as my friend Tracey calls it, but for this.. it needed to be nice.. The photo will be placed on a piece of linen paper and from there dh's grandma, who is 85) will be making a quilt block from it... yep, she does it all by hand- one stitch at a time... it will be beautiful when she is finished!

I got this one while taking the kids on a "break" They needed to really get away and stretch legs and be kids.. all I did was ask them to hold hands and this is what I got! I love this shot!

This next one is of Mr. T telling the girls he was DONE holding hands.. DONE walking with them.. he had his OWN agenda and it didn't involve big sisters!! lol!

this last photo is one of the final shots.. we were all exhausted, tired, hungry, and hot! I asked us to turn and look at Mr. T as he holds his hands on his ears.. he is trying to play peekaboo but doesn't know not to cover his ears but his eyes! hilarious! this just cracks me up!

note- these are not the pics for the quilt.. these were taken with my little camera... nope, I didn't get my other one fixed... I still want to purchase the Canon Digi Rebel!!! ugh!

hopefully, I will get to stamp tomorrow.. I have 3 cards complete.. just no time to scan and I am a little worn out.. took 175 photos today.. the focus on this camera I am using drives me insane.. it has an autofocus I can't seem to shut off... ugh!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

shhhhhh listen....

Emmy.. oh no.. you're painting my foot!
My middle child has come to name her hands.. yep, her hands. One is Max and the other is Emmy from Dragon Tales. Yep, Max scribbles on her just completed artwork, breaks crayons and Twistables that don't belong to him or my lovely blondie... and Emmy is artistic... now drawing on my dd's foot...
don't you just love imagination!!!
I had to add a photo. I have some scrappy stuff but have not loaded it on the computer... so you get this! lol!

so on to my post.... shhhhhhhhhhh listen!
what do you hear???
are you listening to me??
this seems to be going in my head so much right now... is it the craziness of the holidays already??
I want to get things done so that I can demonstrate what it truly is about for my kiddos....

I have found a site that is too cute for words! I found them a while ago but now.. oh, I have looked even more in depth to inkyantics and have fallen head over heals! lol! I wasn't sure what
gamsol was but now I know.. it's a blending solution that when used on colored pencils (Prismacolors are the ones I see most illustration artists or stampers using) will blend them without sketchy lines you might get in other pencils. These are not watercolor pencils - which I use a lot of!
Anyway, the stamps that are there are so cute. I like the innocence found in the stamps there :)

While I was there.. I found one of the illustrators, Monica Lee had a link to her site.. can't find it now.. from her online journal I read about her asking for prayers to heal a neighbor's SIL. do this.. ask for peace.. I followed a link to Thomas's blog . Look at the entry about Thanksgiving... it is so touching.. At his young age he has figured out so much already!!! I didn't comment on his wife's blog.. I think she's got so much on her plate that some gal from who knows where commenting on her blog is wierd... but her dh's words drew me in.. I was welling with tears over it...

Once again... as I have previuosly written.. God always seems to put things into perspective... as I discussed where to put our dog's fence... not agreeing with my husband of the placement of it.... it just doesn't seem to matter... I wanted to just say, "shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. just listen to me."
did it matter what I had to say? nope.
did it matter if he didn't hear me? nope.
what matters is that he kept trying to listen to me.. even if I didn't make any sense... which I am sure is plenty of time since I am chasing 3 kids around... I think he should get it.. but when I am caught up in something I forget to BREATHE!

what really needs to happen is me doing what I suggest....
shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh listen

I wonder what I might hear....

Friday, November 24, 2006


my faith that give me belief in God
my husband who gives me constant comfort
my children for allowing me to see things through their eyes
a roof over my head to keep me cool in the summer and warm in winter
food on my table that keeps me nourished
friends far and wide that help me remember good times and anticipate the future
my extended family... for loving me no matter what
creativity... it helps me cope with the everyday

did you ever stop and think of the little things?
at night when my kids are saying their prayers I have gotten them to pray for family and friends... aksing God's help in their lives...
but what about saying thanks just because...
for breathing
for birds chirping
for leaves that change colors
for warm sunshine
for the sandbox
soft cotton sheets on a bed
Dora, Curiuos George, music... the things that make my little ones giggle

little things all add up!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I love to cook!

I love it..
I thrive on it!
give me a holiday and I will cook up a storm!
I don't want anyone to go away hungry- that would be awful!!
so, what have I prepared for tomorrow???

sweet potato casserole- I love this
what's in it you say?
sweet potatoes, of course!
brown sugar
Granny Smith Apples and a Honey Crisp because they are my all time favorite apple!
butter- yea, baby!
this is all layered several times and baked for about 30 min in the oven at 350* or so...
at the last minute you put on marshmallows till tan and puffy!

brine your turkey!
yep, you heard me- brine it!
what do you do? how do you do it? you ask???
well, get your mop bucket and a garbage sack and line that bucket with that sack
next get warm water and mix with chicken broth and kosher salt - if not regular salt is fine.
throw in some apples (I threw in the cores and the peel from the apples I used in the sweet potatoes.. don't let anything go to waste!), oranges, lemons, rosemary, thyme - we all need some extra of this during the holidays!- and stir!
oh wait.. what is it missing?? garlic, a little wine still in the fridge... and brown sugar! yep- you need the salt and the sweet!
next wash your turkey inside and out before she gets her bod wet in this luxurious bath!!!
place her in the garbage sack and then in the fridge she goes until the next day

you might think this is really strange but if
Alton Brown and Emeril think it's a good thing then MOVE OVER Martha LOL! I even checked her site.. she doesn't have a recipe for this..
at any rate- when cooking your bird - DON'T FORGET to cook her upside down! Yep, let the fat pour out of her juicy thighs to baste it for you!!!
It's the best turkey you'll ever have! I have given this recipe out so many times to strangers at the grocery store and they come up and thank me.. not just the wives but the husbands! lol! silly, huh?? lol!

I also cooked a spinach fritata kind of thing
cook Stovetop as on box
fluff with fork but put in one egg- mix fast so you don't get a soft boiled egg on top!!
in saute pan cook onion (one med. chopped) until see through
add in thawed, drained chopped spinach and warm through- take off of burner
over stove top sprinkle on a layer of Monterrey/Jack cheese
now sprinkle half of spinach and onion over the cheese
layer strips of red bell pepper over that
add another layer of spinach
add a layer of tomato slices
drizzle 4 eggs (that are mixed up) over all that
sprinkle another layer of cheese
**this recipe is YUMMO as R.Ray would say!!!
place in oven for 30 min at 400*

of course I had to make Green Bean casserole.. I don't like it but dh does... it'll go to his grandma's house ;)

cranberry orange relish.. love this
bag o' cranberries
2 orange
1/2 cup of sugar
mix like crazy in the Cuisinart- aren't these a Godsend? lol!
my mom asked if I put Couintreau in it.. wouldn't that be yummY?? lol!

for drink- in the fridge already-
cranberry juice
it looks good, tastes good, and by golly, it's good for you! hahahaha

I'll make a cake or something for dessert.. the kids love to do that :)

so what is on your plate for tomorrow??? any special family goodies???
I still have yet to take pics of toilet paper turkeys.. they are coming... patience, young Grasshoppa! lol!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

little somethings

A little boy was overheard praying:

"Lord, if you can't make me a better boy, don't
worry about it.

I'm having a real good time like I am."

this would be so like my Queen V to say something like this..

had a great day making Toilet Paper Turkeys...
pics coming tomorrow.
It's a little tradition we started about 4 years ago
we have quite a grouping of them now..

if a bunch of cows are a herd
geese are a gaggle
bees are a swarm...
what do you call a bunch of turkeys???

my family! hahahahaha

Monday, November 20, 2006

Great Day!

Great Day!

this card was inspired by !Denise Foxworthy and Kindred Spirits

so much to share tonight!

naps for kids
baby in backpack
6 year old carrying around sugar in cup
3 year old looking for stool to stand on
makings for Sweet Miss Daisy's banana bread all over counter
this all adds up to a priceless evening..
after bathtime
curled up on their daddy's lap
watching Monday night football
warm banana bread

I ran across a new blog for moms. Since I am always telling anecdotes about my kidsand the conversations we have I found
this one really amusing. It sounds just like something that would happen in my house.

Have you heard about Prism Paper Give Away Go to the link and on the right hand side going down to the bottom there is a link. You have to answer some questions and from this after 4 weeks or so you will get some free paper.. can't beat that with a stick, huh? Gotta love free

all this on the heels of my son choking today.. it was so scary and I turned to tell my dh we were on our way to the ER... I finally got his throat cleared... scared me to death and my heart has been racing all day. While at the grocery store today a lady was complaining about waiting 20 minutes in a line.. I was thankful my son was alive and she was upset that it took her checkout girl 20 minutes to check one person out and another gal took care of 6 people in that time.. where is the gratitude?? Life always seems to be put in perspective one way or another.. you know?? My boy is fine.. scared to swallow spit now.... but fine.. hope we never have to do that again....

Sunday, November 19, 2006


things I am gratEful for...
my faith
my family
understanding dh
loving children
roof over my head
yard for kids to play in
friends around the world
time I get to learn and explore

how to on my card:
cut background paper to fit card front
cut strip of pp
punch Giga scallop punch on pp
layer pp over cs and punch square
stamp on the card front
stitch cs to pp
stamp top of cs
adhere ribbon across seam of pp
adhere front to the card body
voila! my card.. kind of like a window but not punched all the way through the card

I love to learn.. I am so glad I am curious about things around me.. but one thing always catches my eye.. about evolution, anthropology, brain research, DNA... just facinating to me! I finally got to see this special on PBS today about
the family that walks on all fours It was truly a facinating hour of tv. I watched in amazement with my daughter... talking about things that have occurred over millions of years... So many reasons why this has occurred in this family.. is it DNA? a throwback in genes??? what do you think? What do you see in this?? This is not the only family with members who do this.. they have found others in other parts of the world. Science does continue to grow... I hope my daughter sees opportunity in learning what she can become, what others can become.. what she might want to be when she grows up.

Friday, November 17, 2006

autumn splendor


all this added up... fall in my town...

enjoy the scenery

finally.. a moment...

gathered my things
put the babe in the backpack
voila! cards!!!
I am sending out cards to my buddies at The Shaker Box We started a card RAK there. I need to get my cards out to some folks at Splitcoaststampers they have been so kind in sending birthday cards and just general RAKS. The way the second group does it is a little different- they put a post it note in the card so I can use it again if I chose :) Sometimes I do and other times I use it as an inspiration .. or even an element in a scrapbook page! gotta love that!
Anna really got me inspired with her cards on her blog- man, she's got some style!!! This is her !!gallery .. I need to put it on the side bar to refer to... great style, Anna!

I have to mention that there is a challenge going on at The Shaker Box The more you scrap, stamp, or alter the more points you enter and can win a prize from the sponsor!!! How great is that? Come and join the fun... we're waiting for you!

One more thing.. I have THE BEST husband in the world!!! He came home from a long trip and all is right.. .when we are together it is like a well tuned piano.. some times we might hit the wrong key but when it's good... it's good... the family is all back in one piece and I am happy.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

handwring and biting

just some qick notes to go out during the holidays...
don't you just love to get mail?
real mail
the kind where you see a new stamp, real handwriting on the envelope

there is a carpet cleaning company in my town
they've gotten smart
they use an ink on the envie that looks real
I've figured it out
I've even sent the letters back
I can't stand junk mail
let them deal with having to recycle it

the next time you have the feeling
all I ever get is bills... write a letter to a friend and send it away
make the postal worker happy and decorate the envie
my post office laughs when they see me
wonder if it's from the kids hanging all over me or the artwork....

we've been very sick around here.. that's why I was not around
update on yesterday: Mr T bit me twice during Mass
once on my cheek-I have teethmarks to prove it- he started with a kiss and bit the stew out of me
the secondwhile he was nursing... during Conceration


see if I let him do that again during Mass

silly babe

Thursday, November 09, 2006

creativity does a body good!

3 out of 5 are sick in my house.. sounds like a good reason to scrap and stamp? right??? you betcha! I got a few moments for myself.. after some much needed Tylenol for my throat...
got a LO and a card done

background on the LO:
my kids love their greatgrandparents
2 died within the last year.
it's been very tough on the girls..
Queen V has created a masterpiece on the porch of her 2 greatgrandmothers
one is living and the other died last year.
She tells me stories about them like she saw the one that died just last week.

we see one of them still.. she tells her, "Mema, you're my girl!" It makes Mema's day! Makes mine too knowing that my kids have such a big family that loves them!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mom on the Move!

6:00 am baby jumping on my belly
6:25 radio goes off... good music
6:30 realize the music is telling me to get out of bed
6:32 finally roll out of bed and get dressed
6:40 get kids up... and dressed...
6:50 brushing hair and putting in puppy dog ears... not mine.. theirs! lol!
7:00 realize I am going to need coffee today!!!
7:05 breakfast on table for all kids... making lunch now... picking out candy to put in lunchbox
7:20 time to read one more book with my dd
7:30 brush teeth.. check for shoes... clean faces....
7:40 all in van and headed to school!
7:50 drop off kiddo and head to next town to drop of shoes
8:30 on way to gymnastics.. call Mom on way to make sure she is up...
9:00 I am throwing away, giving away, cleaning out linen closet...
9:45 leave to pick up dd from gymnastics
10:00 back at Mom's to clean some more.. she wants to have a party so I am there! I am here for the next several hours.. only to leave to pick up dd from school
3:15 Queen V is asleep in the van... told me she had a tummy ache before she fell asleep
4:00 voting... yep, did my civic duty! I always smile when I get to do this- like a kid in a candy store... I know I belong.. it's just so exciting!!!
5:00 practicing 32 new words with dd to have memorized by Friday morniing... am also trying to get dinner on the table...
5:30 microwave has died.. yep, died... damn. apples look good though.. I'll have one of those! lol!

I am pooped! I am not sure where my evening went except to watch Emmit Smith on Dancing with the Stars.. hope he wins... my gubenetorial candidate won't.. damn...

I have to run but will leave you with this- pictures from Halloween :)

Monday, November 06, 2006

learn something new every day

Did you hear about the dolphin with 2 hind legs?
nope. it's not a joke.
Some fishermen in Japan found a dolphin with 4 fins. Scientists believe that dolphins and other mammals walked the Earth and when they took more to the water they lost those 2 back legs... They also said in the article that they were kin to deer- did you know that???

so what did you learn new today?

**having trouble uploading to blogger tonight** will add pics tomorrow

Sunday, November 05, 2006

time flies...

we had not been to see dh's grandma since August... where does the time go?? who knew it would go by so quickly!!! so we loaded up the kiddos and headed north for the day.
Since All Soul's Day was during the week the church had it's Rosary and procession into the town cemetary today. Yep, I said procession. This town, my dh's hometown, is really small but has been around for a very long time- since the 1850s. It is a small German farming community and there is but one church in the whole town- St. Peter's. It is a beautiful church with statues, stained glass on every window with the names of saints written in German. I never noticed that until I was taking photos today. Since I am teaching dd her CCD we are talking about art in the Catholic faith- what it looks like, the interpretations we can take from it and what it means to us. It was just beautiful.
Anyway, we went out to the cemetary and continued to say the Rosary that we prayed indoors... after the last prayer was said each family- and there were lots- went to their family members' graves. The graves were decorated for fall- lovely oranges, yellows, browns... it was a gloomy day but to see the cemetary bursting with mums, maple leaves and other flowers it was great! Looking around you could see families that have not seen each other in a while get together, hug, ask about grandkids or great grandkids... just a wonderful moment. When I get a chance tomorrow I will post pics so you can see what I saw.. something that isn't done much any more... quite a change from the hustle and bustle of "city life." The girls walked around graves, reading names, looking at flowers while cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents hugged and chatted...
Grandpa's grave is getting grass.
Grandma's grave is even with the others..
time flies...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ho Ho Holly

I know.. only a few days away from Halloween and look what I've done.. got the cat out of the bag and shook it so hard I got goosebumps! hahahaha
no stamping here tonight.. using my scrap goodies to create a tag for gifts!!! I'll be asking some gals to come over and make some tags with me for their gifts....

I have always wanted the holly soooooo I got it! yep! so happy about it too... sure it will be used a lot!
and the goosebumps are so cool! This is the first QK g.b. I have gotten... I think I'm in love! lol! all this with that giga punch to boot!!! gonna be a good one!

I pulled out some lighter greens and pinks to make this same tag... but don't have time to get into that.. .I had to clean up my avalanche of a room! yikes!