Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

finally, a little white stuff to put me in the mood!!!
I hung some garland just out of Mr. T's reach... and hung pretty bows with beautiful gem colors on it- lovely!!
This flanks my fireplace..
I will get more done this weekend at the Dashing Through Your Stash Open House at The Shaker Box.
We have Diva challenges for the 15 minute dash around the house.
We have Martha and her Alter Egos creating something out of nothing.
We have Dashing Card Makers creating the most fabulous of cards using sketches only to be found at The Shaker Box and themes as well!
I am so excited... Sarah from
Stamp Stars is going to do some tutorials on Monday!!! Wait till you see what she has in store!! She has a great talent! She will post and answer questions if you have any for her!

All this for what?? To get us and hopefully YOU into the mood for the holidays!!
I have lots to get to....

The kids had a great time playing in the snow today... not too long... they aren't use to this at all!
My horse, YoYo, loved it- she is prancing around just like she was 3 again.. she is 30 ;) Love that grey mare!!
Mr. T needs shoes.. his don't fit.. he suffers from fat feet and a high arch.. like his mama.. poor boy.

will come back and post a photo or 2 a little later.. gotta get ready for the Open House


*Jeanne* said...

Hi there AM! I will hop over there some time this weekend. I am so jealous you got some snow. We have not seen any in 3 years.. I think we are due. Did you take some awesome snow photos? I wanna see if you did.


Laura said...


I hear ya about the "snow getting you in the mood". We had our first snowfall this morning here in Chicago and I'm even MORE in the Christmas spirit. It really does add A LOT to the holidays. I even took pictures this morning. You can check them out at my blog. Stay Warm!!!!


JB said...

I can't believe you had snow and I had none!!! Who lives further up north huh?!? That's not fair!
It has gotten cold here so at least it is starting to feel like winter (Christmas). I bought a new jacket while in NYC - I love it! Nice and warm and long, and it even has a fake fur collar. Fun!
Yo-yo and then later the kiddos look like they had a blast in the snow! Awesome!