Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mom on the Move!

6:00 am baby jumping on my belly
6:25 radio goes off... good music
6:30 realize the music is telling me to get out of bed
6:32 finally roll out of bed and get dressed
6:40 get kids up... and dressed...
6:50 brushing hair and putting in puppy dog ears... not mine.. theirs! lol!
7:00 realize I am going to need coffee today!!!
7:05 breakfast on table for all kids... making lunch now... picking out candy to put in lunchbox
7:20 time to read one more book with my dd
7:30 brush teeth.. check for shoes... clean faces....
7:40 all in van and headed to school!
7:50 drop off kiddo and head to next town to drop of shoes
8:30 on way to gymnastics.. call Mom on way to make sure she is up...
9:00 I am throwing away, giving away, cleaning out linen closet...
9:45 leave to pick up dd from gymnastics
10:00 back at Mom's to clean some more.. she wants to have a party so I am there! I am here for the next several hours.. only to leave to pick up dd from school
3:15 Queen V is asleep in the van... told me she had a tummy ache before she fell asleep
4:00 voting... yep, did my civic duty! I always smile when I get to do this- like a kid in a candy store... I know I belong.. it's just so exciting!!!
5:00 practicing 32 new words with dd to have memorized by Friday morniing... am also trying to get dinner on the table...
5:30 microwave has died.. yep, died... damn. apples look good though.. I'll have one of those! lol!

I am pooped! I am not sure where my evening went except to watch Emmit Smith on Dancing with the Stars.. hope he wins... my gubenetorial candidate won't.. damn...

I have to run but will leave you with this- pictures from Halloween :)

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JB said...

I honestly don't know how you do it all. The most amazing thing is that you are still doing all of it and you don't get to say - hey can yougive me a couple of days off here? Then I'll be happy to continue again - I just need a little break! Nope,your job is 7 days a week. You're amazing as are all the mothers of the world!