Sunday, November 19, 2006


things I am gratEful for...
my faith
my family
understanding dh
loving children
roof over my head
yard for kids to play in
friends around the world
time I get to learn and explore

how to on my card:
cut background paper to fit card front
cut strip of pp
punch Giga scallop punch on pp
layer pp over cs and punch square
stamp on the card front
stitch cs to pp
stamp top of cs
adhere ribbon across seam of pp
adhere front to the card body
voila! my card.. kind of like a window but not punched all the way through the card

I love to learn.. I am so glad I am curious about things around me.. but one thing always catches my eye.. about evolution, anthropology, brain research, DNA... just facinating to me! I finally got to see this special on PBS today about
the family that walks on all fours It was truly a facinating hour of tv. I watched in amazement with my daughter... talking about things that have occurred over millions of years... So many reasons why this has occurred in this family.. is it DNA? a throwback in genes??? what do you think? What do you see in this?? This is not the only family with members who do this.. they have found others in other parts of the world. Science does continue to grow... I hope my daughter sees opportunity in learning what she can become, what others can become.. what she might want to be when she grows up.

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