Sunday, November 26, 2006

Top 10 reasons I am glad Jasenka is my Sister!

Here we go.. no particular order until the end...
We got to chose each others as sisters
We can argue in the Grand Canyon and still come out singing "I was walking in Memphis!"
Big discussions on life.. even if we don't agree we still listen to each other.
toothpaste.. want some? hahaha
singing in the car with you
chatting on the phone with you
I have another home.. in another city and even another country... any time I want!
being there for me.. any time

I hope your day was a good one.. that you get all the wishes from blowing out your candles... Less than a month and we can celebrate together!!!


Lisa said...

What a lovely tribute to your sister. I haev two of my own, but due to age gaps and paternal differences, I am not particularly close to them. Wish I was.

Cherish that special bond that you two share! :)

Kristine said...

Awe...this is so precious!! I tend to be a sap at times, so here come the tears! :) Your kids are soooo beautiful...what a lucky lady you are! THanks for the comment about my colorbook cake!! I'm glad someone found it helpful. :) Are you on SCS??? What's your gallery name?

JB said...

Thanks! :-)
That was a really special surprise! I do love you very much too! And I am very glad that we can be sisters - who said you can't choose your family? My birthday was fun and laidback at the same time. Took some much needed R&R at home and then went out to dinner with friends (and yes, L was included ;-) )
Thanks for all the photos and wishes, and most of all, for your love!