Saturday, November 25, 2006

shhhhhh listen....

Emmy.. oh no.. you're painting my foot!
My middle child has come to name her hands.. yep, her hands. One is Max and the other is Emmy from Dragon Tales. Yep, Max scribbles on her just completed artwork, breaks crayons and Twistables that don't belong to him or my lovely blondie... and Emmy is artistic... now drawing on my dd's foot...
don't you just love imagination!!!
I had to add a photo. I have some scrappy stuff but have not loaded it on the computer... so you get this! lol!

so on to my post.... shhhhhhhhhhh listen!
what do you hear???
are you listening to me??
this seems to be going in my head so much right now... is it the craziness of the holidays already??
I want to get things done so that I can demonstrate what it truly is about for my kiddos....

I have found a site that is too cute for words! I found them a while ago but now.. oh, I have looked even more in depth to inkyantics and have fallen head over heals! lol! I wasn't sure what
gamsol was but now I know.. it's a blending solution that when used on colored pencils (Prismacolors are the ones I see most illustration artists or stampers using) will blend them without sketchy lines you might get in other pencils. These are not watercolor pencils - which I use a lot of!
Anyway, the stamps that are there are so cute. I like the innocence found in the stamps there :)

While I was there.. I found one of the illustrators, Monica Lee had a link to her site.. can't find it now.. from her online journal I read about her asking for prayers to heal a neighbor's SIL. do this.. ask for peace.. I followed a link to Thomas's blog . Look at the entry about Thanksgiving... it is so touching.. At his young age he has figured out so much already!!! I didn't comment on his wife's blog.. I think she's got so much on her plate that some gal from who knows where commenting on her blog is wierd... but her dh's words drew me in.. I was welling with tears over it...

Once again... as I have previuosly written.. God always seems to put things into perspective... as I discussed where to put our dog's fence... not agreeing with my husband of the placement of it.... it just doesn't seem to matter... I wanted to just say, "shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. just listen to me."
did it matter what I had to say? nope.
did it matter if he didn't hear me? nope.
what matters is that he kept trying to listen to me.. even if I didn't make any sense... which I am sure is plenty of time since I am chasing 3 kids around... I think he should get it.. but when I am caught up in something I forget to BREATHE!

what really needs to happen is me doing what I suggest....
shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh listen

I wonder what I might hear....

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scrappinpeep said...

Cute pic, lol! Named her hands... {grin}
The holidays are a real roller coaster ride... Hang in there and we'll all be laughing at the end!