Sunday, April 30, 2006

pain v. reality

look at this.. I learned to make a storyboard! Thanks to some great gals at 2P :) just wonderful :) I know there is more to it but this is a start for me! yippee!
here we go .. a minute to spare...

woke up with a tremendous migraine.. heck, went to sleep with it..
You never know how to compare your life until someone else tells you of theirs... Grandpa's farm was hit by what is being called straight line winds.. it's a mess so my dh tells me. He was going to go back up and help clean but I needed him here to take care of the kids and give me some breathing room. I didn't scrap, I didn't run around outside, I didn't draw... I didn't cook.. I slept, took a bath and heard the cows next door mooing. I looked outside to see the cows looking right in our back yard.. why??? Because 2 huge buzzards- the size of my 3 year old- were hopping around.... yep- big ones.. hopping!!! yikes! I knew I felt like death but seeing them really made me laugh! I needed that.
Anyway, the farm is bad off.. a barn over 100 years old flattened. What a mess. 100 mph winds. Baseball size hail. 5.5 inches of rain in one hour... man! Noah, build that ark!!!

I hope to go up soon and see for myself. It's like a sign "with neon and everything" ... telling us of an ending of an era....

A farm destroyed versus my migraine... the pain of the migraine won to keep my dh here to watch the kids... but I know his heart is at his Grandpa's place... mine is too... wish I could be up there picking up the pieces...

hey... wanna crop? We are going to have a crop at this weekend... if you haven't gotten out to your LSS or to some friends come join us there and have some fun!!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

been a long time- so many changes...

2 new teeth
clapping hands
big girl panties
sleeping through the night
snuggles for mama when she is stressed
lots of questions to grasp an idea
restating of an idea just to hear her voice
new friends at school
books with more than one or 2 lines on a page
blended consanants
winter squash makes him gag
finger painting and not caring about a mess
RAW photos stuck on the chip
learning, learning, learning
illustration, photography, choosing words carefully for journaling...

MOJO is back! come check out my gallery this weekend!!!