Saturday, June 28, 2008

birthday girl... you mean the world to me!!

Our oldest turned 8 yesterday and as a child in our home you get to pick the menu and Mommy gets to figure out how to do it...
here was the 8 year old's menu
bacon wrapped shrimp (yummy)
pecan crusted trout (I cook this in olive oil on the stove)
dinner salad (compliments of Grandee)
fresh fruit: cantelope, grapes, strawberries (strawberries are a staple in this house since she arrived! lol!)
fruit juice mixed with sprite
desert was a Betty Crocker Icecream Torte It was so easy and so delicious!! Usually the kids test my ability to create this 3D cake with a barbie sticking her head out as a mermaid or some princess... not this time- strictly icecream and brownie! She said she wanted to keep it easy for me since I have been going so crazy with nesting and Braxton Hicks contractions...

So what does the birthday girl get?? Well, aside from that yummy meal she got a new bike!! She gave her older bike to her younger sister because she didn't have one. yep, that is the kind of kid she is... gives to others in need and turns the other cheek when needed... what a good kid. We had the bike specially made for her and it will last a while :) I am glad- she deserves it!!

materials used:
paper:coloriages by Fran
border: will have to look up, sorry.

Friday, June 27, 2008

oye- quick run down on my crazy week...

Monday: found out I am 50% effaced
Tuesday: took my kids and best friend to zoo and bought a big girl bike for my oldest... shshhhhhhhhhhhhh- it's a suprise for her birthday!
Wednesday: I can't remember so we will blame it on the baby sucking my brain cells from me....
Thursday: Bunco for the first time
Friday... today: dd's birthday :) Yippeee!!

side note...Mr. T is now getting a new name of "bruiser".. one because he is going around licking everyone... yep, even strangers... and he is continuously wrestling adn chasing the girls...
Lady G got her lip popped by him (I am not even sure how) and a remote thrown at her head...
Queen V had her neck sat on... he seems to be going for the neck.. ugh.. what is up with 2 year old boys??? sometimes I just don't get them!!

whew- what a week!
so.. tomorrow is a birthday party for both of my girls and then off we go to Mass followed by bed!!! I need sleep!
I hope to do more nesting on Sunday to get my ds's room in order.. it's a wreck!! Mr. T has been a tornado for sure!!

materials used for digi LO:
papers, bird, heart, flowers: Patricia Amaral
cluster frame: Welli Designs
quote: Elegant Word Art by Bethany
overlay: Lively Up Designs

Sunday, June 22, 2008

old memories

So today dh and I packed up the kids to head back to his granparent's home. Nobody has lived in this home for 2 years now... we are just now going through items...
We all got to chose different things.
What was special to each one of us... the daughters had already gone through a bunch but today was more of a time of the grandkids to pick. Dh asked what was important to us...
a well worn quilt that perhaps his greatgrandma made
a Rosary made from the fruit of a sweet gum tree (that will go in our room, I think, and hang on the wall like Grandma and Grandpa had it.)
a Crusifix that will go above our bed
a Walter Cronkite autobiography we gave Grandpa for Father's Day in 1997
some pilsners that match highballs in my grandparent's home
and then the girls got to pick out some costume jewelry.. they were so happy!

What a day... full of memories.... and silly stories...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Meerkat, it's what's for dinner...

remember the old beef commercials with Sam Elliot talking in the background about how great beef was.. I can't remember the song that played but I can hear it in my head... at the end of the ad Sam comes on and says, "beef.. it's what's for dinner!"

Well, in Lion King 1 1/2 they say, "meerkat, it's what's for dinner... " Cracks me up.. this is all I can think when Queen V asks to see them at the zoo. She does a great meerkat impersonation and yes, I have pictures of it.. I need to put it on a LO. She cracks me up and when I start laughing she can't help but laugh about it too! lol!

Her little camera won't work so she and her sister took their summer writing journals to the zoo to draw photos of the animals they saw. From there they will journal or write poetry around the picture.

I just got this new action from Patricia Aranal.. the ribbon tie action.. it is so cool. I wanted to test it out on a LO before I try and create a few things for my photography clients. With the baby coming I will have to put my camera down and perhaps create some cards or templates to use for other photographers.

crazy settings... I don't know what I was thinking! lol!

materials used:
template: Shandy Vogt
bow action: FafBr
papers : Patricia Amaral - Digital Designer

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Change in Priorities coming full Circle

I was given this horse when I was 14 and she was 3. She was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen...
I was given her and her companion, Cloud, who was 6. Cloud died 2 years ago. YoYo has the pasture all to herself with neighbors bringing other horses in and out... She is something so cherished from my teenage years. Having grown up my priorities changed to being responsible toward my family more... She is an old lady now who grazes when she likes, where she likes, doesn't answer to the kick of my heel...
Now my own Lady G has taken a liking to horses... where will this lead our family in years to come??? hmmm

materials used:
QP: Rebecca Labbe
quote: Designer Digitals

ss 1/125
iso 200
wb: cloudy

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary (a little late)

I just realized the date... and it is too late to call my sister and wish her a Happy Anniversary!!! Yep, the baby of the family got married a year ago and I was fortunate enough to be there to witness it!!!
She made a lovely bride!!!
She picked a great man who loves her dearly.... you can tell when you see them together....
What a sweet couple they make!

already in the first year of marriage they have experienced
1. birth of their first baby
2. new job for L
3. picking out a new home together... twice!!
4. getting ready for a move...

whew!! that's a lot to tackle in one year!!
Happy Anniversary, you guys!! I love you to pieces! to the moon and back!!!!
May you have many more wonderful years together, sharing each other's company and falling in love again each day!!!
Big hugs and kisses!

Forever Cousins

since my scrappy room is an avalanche of paperwork from the end of school, dh taking over my space for a home office and constant artwork by my 2 little girls..
I am going to have to get serious about doing digi..
I have not done any scrapping in quite sometime
except for the occassional card to accompany a present
I took my dd out to the front pasture to get some sunshine shots
I saw how the sun hits the bitterweed my horse won't touch the other night and thought- THERE!! it's perfect there!!!
Well, instead of sunshine we got raindrops which we desperately need!
I still got to practice on my focus and exposure!
settings for photo:
iso 200
I know the ap is pretty wide but I didn't want to raise my iso... should have since there was some noise on my photo but I still like it!!

materials used:
quote png:
soft blue paper:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

hello... anyone out there?

I had to get my life in order
started to build my photography portfolio and it was really picking up the pace
I have a new niece that I photographed...
came home and thought God was done with us having more children
apparently not
we are blessed yet again
after so long of waiting
to have baby #4 coming into our lives in a few short weeks
I have kept it to myself
until I couldn't any more
there is no escaping
one gal at the park overheard me talking to a friend
another baby?
are you serious?
I could not dream of it.
I am 40
really??? so am I...
God has a great sense of humor...
I wanted to be a young mom.. playing with kids without knees creaking! lol
My mom says she is too young to have a daughter with gray hair
I guess not since I have a head full! lol!
I do not color my hair when I am pregnant.
Oh, sure, some people say it's ok
I cannot even dream of the risk.
We waited 9 long years
I had 9 surgeries
countless medications and procedures
and nothing...
until I had what I call my "come to Jesus meeting"
Now, every 2 years we are blessed... with beautiful children...
it's time as my oldest said.. she knew we would have another because the youngest is 2
I will try and write more and share more before this bundle arrives...
Here is a shot of me and my oldest on Father's Day...