Friday, June 27, 2008

oye- quick run down on my crazy week...

Monday: found out I am 50% effaced
Tuesday: took my kids and best friend to zoo and bought a big girl bike for my oldest... shshhhhhhhhhhhhh- it's a suprise for her birthday!
Wednesday: I can't remember so we will blame it on the baby sucking my brain cells from me....
Thursday: Bunco for the first time
Friday... today: dd's birthday :) Yippeee!!

side note...Mr. T is now getting a new name of "bruiser".. one because he is going around licking everyone... yep, even strangers... and he is continuously wrestling adn chasing the girls...
Lady G got her lip popped by him (I am not even sure how) and a remote thrown at her head...
Queen V had her neck sat on... he seems to be going for the neck.. ugh.. what is up with 2 year old boys??? sometimes I just don't get them!!

whew- what a week!
so.. tomorrow is a birthday party for both of my girls and then off we go to Mass followed by bed!!! I need sleep!
I hope to do more nesting on Sunday to get my ds's room in order.. it's a wreck!! Mr. T has been a tornado for sure!!

materials used for digi LO:
papers, bird, heart, flowers: Patricia Amaral
cluster frame: Welli Designs
quote: Elegant Word Art by Bethany
overlay: Lively Up Designs

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