Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Forever Cousins

since my scrappy room is an avalanche of paperwork from the end of school, dh taking over my space for a home office and constant artwork by my 2 little girls..
I am going to have to get serious about doing digi..
I have not done any scrapping in quite sometime
except for the occassional card to accompany a present
I took my dd out to the front pasture to get some sunshine shots
I saw how the sun hits the bitterweed my horse won't touch the other night and thought- THERE!! it's perfect there!!!
Well, instead of sunshine we got raindrops which we desperately need!
I still got to practice on my focus and exposure!
settings for photo:
iso 200
I know the ap is pretty wide but I didn't want to raise my iso... should have since there was some noise on my photo but I still like it!!

materials used:
quote png:
soft blue paper:

1 comment:

Gabrielle said...

This is beautiful Anne Marie, I love the way you spliced the picture and framed each part, also Fran's paper give's a lovely softness to the background, I emailed you a few days ago, did you receive it
Keep up the wonderful work you are very talented