Sunday, June 22, 2008

old memories

So today dh and I packed up the kids to head back to his granparent's home. Nobody has lived in this home for 2 years now... we are just now going through items...
We all got to chose different things.
What was special to each one of us... the daughters had already gone through a bunch but today was more of a time of the grandkids to pick. Dh asked what was important to us...
a well worn quilt that perhaps his greatgrandma made
a Rosary made from the fruit of a sweet gum tree (that will go in our room, I think, and hang on the wall like Grandma and Grandpa had it.)
a Crusifix that will go above our bed
a Walter Cronkite autobiography we gave Grandpa for Father's Day in 1997
some pilsners that match highballs in my grandparent's home
and then the girls got to pick out some costume jewelry.. they were so happy!

What a day... full of memories.... and silly stories...

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