Saturday, June 28, 2008

birthday girl... you mean the world to me!!

Our oldest turned 8 yesterday and as a child in our home you get to pick the menu and Mommy gets to figure out how to do it...
here was the 8 year old's menu
bacon wrapped shrimp (yummy)
pecan crusted trout (I cook this in olive oil on the stove)
dinner salad (compliments of Grandee)
fresh fruit: cantelope, grapes, strawberries (strawberries are a staple in this house since she arrived! lol!)
fruit juice mixed with sprite
desert was a Betty Crocker Icecream Torte It was so easy and so delicious!! Usually the kids test my ability to create this 3D cake with a barbie sticking her head out as a mermaid or some princess... not this time- strictly icecream and brownie! She said she wanted to keep it easy for me since I have been going so crazy with nesting and Braxton Hicks contractions...

So what does the birthday girl get?? Well, aside from that yummy meal she got a new bike!! She gave her older bike to her younger sister because she didn't have one. yep, that is the kind of kid she is... gives to others in need and turns the other cheek when needed... what a good kid. We had the bike specially made for her and it will last a while :) I am glad- she deserves it!!

materials used:
paper:coloriages by Fran
border: will have to look up, sorry.


Alli said...

Our birthday boy (9yrs old) got a new bike for his birthday this past week too!!!!!

Kristin said...

Your blog is so cute. I love your layouts, you have such a unique pretty style. :0)