Saturday, July 12, 2008

I want to be a princess when I grow up...

Queen V:mama.... when I grow up I want to be a princess.
Me: oh really? (dh and I glance at each other)
Queen V:yep, I want to be a princess... like Princess Mia.. and people will call me Princess Mia.
DH: sweetie, I have news. You can't because I am not a king.
Queen V: oh, Daddy. You can be a king if that is what you dream. You can do whatever if you want to and be a king...... and tell us whatever you want us to do.
D: Whatever I want you to do, huh?

I just had to pop up from dinner and write this down so we didn't forget the wisdom of a 5 year old...

Just dream it and you can be it.

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