Tuesday, July 22, 2008


focal point (photo of kids)
knobby thingy for back pain/labor
ponytail holder.. even though I chopped off my hair!
watch for counting contractions
Rosary to ask for Mary to guide me in my labor and to be a good mother to my children
back up batteries
extra cards
scrappy paper for footy prints.. awwwwwwwwwww
presents for kids from baby (Polly Pockets and Waterbaby)
newborn onesies
clothes for going to hosp.
clothes for coming home
nightgown for hospital
car seat purchased

Need to do...
phone list
snacks in bag for kids to have when they come visit
pick name
have dh wash baby coming home outfit in Dreft (waiting for this one since we don't know if #4 is a boy or girl)
grab pillow
place car seat in van

1 comment:

antonia said...

oooh gosh, it's so exciting! S/he is almost in your arms!!
I hope the birth goes beautifully!

with lots of love & prayers