Saturday, March 03, 2012

Sweet V

my kids love that I love to learn. They get excited to see me excited about learning new things, failing, picking myself back up, dusting off and trying again.
I have a lot to learn and from them mostly. yep. they are the greatest teachers that teach me not to give up and continue trying- even after taking a breather and trying to find my direction or path that God is pointing me to at that time.
Well, I follow a great photographer from down under, Sue Bryce- she really knows how to teach and inspire!  I found her via Creative Live where I have learned so much about photography and myself. I am grateful for the moments I have gotten to spend a quite moment just for myself- although while learning I am always thinking of how it can apply to a friend and her or his business.

each person is beautiful in their own way.
I think Queen V is beautiful and have since I saw her for the first time.
She takes my breath away.