Wednesday, July 23, 2008

labor map... mood map... bad hair day map...

ok.. had to share this link with you.. I find it really funny but at the same time my kids have followed these maps when they are born..
Yep, I guess there is the barametric pressure that plays with labor and delivery rooms?? hahahaha

Maps of all sorts

Anyway, click on the link and go check out what type of mood, hair and labor I could have... perhaps I should share this with Dr. Emily??? hahahahahha So the look for my area tomorrow I won't have labor but I will have a bad hair day (sounds like ponytail time to me...) and will be able to think clearly... perhaps I can make some casseroles and not get burned? ha!

since I am sharing things I am looking up I am looking at acupressure to deal with the pain. See, truth be known, labor kicks my butt!!! I don't take pain killers due to making labor longer, baby sleepy and I chose to be what is known as a crunchy granola mama... yep, that's me.
So here is the acupressure link to induce labor (if needed) and to control the pain (that is what I am after!!!) Controling the Pains of Labor And this is the e-book I am considering on getting... I think doing this will help me a bunch...
When I have my kiddos I have them so fast that.. well, let's just say the doc's comments have been "it's like putting a jigsaw puzzle back together... and I am there for quite some time while they stitch me up... last time it was way over an hour.. ouch! Oh, yea, the ebook... here it is:

Maternity Acupressure What could go wrong?? I have used acupressure before for my migraines and it works for me... again no drugs, just using the body to heal itself...
that and a few dozen Hail Mary's... right??
Wish me luck in the near future

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antonia said...

those maps are quite funny!