Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First Day of Spring and Report Cards were blooming!

yipeee! The kids went to storytime today- all about spring!!! They made posters... Mr. T tried to eat some glue and Queen V was making sure it was all in a pattern- she worked very hard!

Report cards came home today.

I hated report cards as a kid.

Would my parents like what I did?

Would the scores be high enough?

Is that another mediocre grade??

being a former teacher I *know* what it takes to get into the universities.

It is NOT easy! I had a kid once who was class president from 8th grade through 12th, was involved in her church ministry/youth group, was on volleyball/basketball/track.. you get the picture- the ALL around kid- even graduated top of her class and took honors all the way!!! It took forever for the university to agree to take her!!! Kids have to walk in with a resume attatched before being accepted to college. This doesn't take into account how much it will be... that is for another blog entry...

I want to remember what it was like introducing my parents to my grades.... my thoughts... my work.. my daydreaming...

It was not until I was a senior in college that I took some tests to find out why I was not performing.. I was always told by Mom and Dad and the teachers, "if you just apply yourself you will get great grades and do anything!" Ugh! Being the 3rd of 4.. and being in between a dyslexic and an encyclopedia I kind of got overlooked. I talk to Mom about this frequently- not to make her feel badly but to let her know why I do what I do with my kids.. and probably even for reassurance that what I am doing with my kids isn't screwing them up! I think this is why I taught the way I taught... I liked teaching. I want teachers to be successful... and to know when they are not. I hope to someday help mentor more teachers.... for now I will correct mistakes others make, guide my little ones in their dreams, and pat them on the back for a job well done!

**ok, I know this LO has nothing to do with spring but I am on a roll!!! I love to share with you what I do to unwind at night! now it's time for some shut eye..... I think I am headed to the gardens tomorrow to scope out some great places for a shoot!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cards for Troops

either way you do it the soldiers are waiting..
I know from reading so many historical pieces from men in war that they long to hear from "home"...

if you can, make and send a card to a soldier.
Iraq doesn't have a Hallmark

there is also this one:

Angel Stampers

just a simple note letting them know we are here, thanking them for taking on the duty of the missin abroad

love in bloom

I do have another kid- really, I do... :)
I love these pics of her- swimsuit, hair the way SHE wants, porcelain skin- sheer perfection! I love how she makes me a better person. The bottom right photo makes me almost drunk looking at it- so dreamy!

oh, she asked Mom what she wished for....
... mom said to be heatlhy, wealthy and wise. Queen V's response was, "noooooooooooooooooooo, you can't do that, Gran. You should wish to be a princess."
so much for being a potato or peanutbutter....

Since I don't have a Cuttlebug (an embossing machine) I do have some papers already embossed! I have had them forever and since embossing is "vogue" I thought I would take the chance to pull out papers I have and put them to use! and now Queen V has another page for her books!

Monday, March 19, 2007

what do you wish for??

my Queen V asked me this tonight..
Mama, what do you wish for?
I wish for your happiness and health.
No, Mama, what do you wish for?? you know not like that.. something!! Like you wish to be a ladybug or a fairy.
I wish for flowers to be all around the house that we don't have to weed.
Yea, that's a good one, Mama..
or you could wish for potatoes or peanutbutter.
I want to wish I am a potato or be peanutbutter.
Yea... hahahahahaha

Now, why didn't I think of that?? potatoes or peanutbutter. She is so silly!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

whirlwind of an educational trip!


Texas State Aquarium

Bird Island: no pics for this yet.. they are stuck on my cell phone. I can't figure out how to send them to the computer yet... The water was littered with windsurfers- how intoxicating for me!!! Oh, how I wish my sweetie was there so I could just borrow a board for a moment and let him watch the kids... another time perhaps!!!

National Seashore

Texas Capital

Peace Demonstration" this was outside the capitol when we came out of the building. Nothing like a demonstration of free speech. It is democracy in action. As a former social studies teacher it was exciting to see and to explain to my kiddos. We walked the halls where I explained the "rules" are made up, checked to see if they are fair (constitutional- and yes, I made my kids say this word) and written into lawbooks (which we saw the law library as well!)

As I dropped my dd off for school today I heard the DJ state that we only have a few more days left in this session and the representatives have only voted on one issue that has passed.. yep, one. You know, if we did that for our normal job we'd be sweating it out praying we could keep our job and not get laid off. As a former teacher if I didn't get a set of papers graded it was not pushed to the side but a pot of coffee was made and I read through those essays until it was done. Years ago Texans surrounded the capitol building itself and wouldn't let the representatives out until a decision had been reached... wonder what they would think if that happened now a days???? Maybe we could get the bills passed or put to death quicker without having things attatched to them to assure a death or passing. KWIM???? oh well... educatin on all parts... I pray that they make good decisions for our state and get it all accomplished...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

cupcakes, pizza, polly pockets

What more does a 3 year old want for her birthday??
She made the plans and I made the invitations (which she told me she didn't like at all.. she picked out the stamps, ribbons and papers.. ugh! if it's like this now what is it going to be like in 10 years??)

We have pink cupcakes - which she told me weren't quite pink enough.. until we got to this point-
"stop, Mommy! it's PINK!"
"ok.. you lick this beater and let me get it all together..."
"I love you, Mommy, you're a genius!"

ahhhhhh, if life were so simple to be a genius getting the right amount of colored gel into the frosting.. by the way, I used Sarah and the Stampstar's recipe (thanks, Sarah!!!) Queen V loved it!

I had to use the birthday cake plate my dad had since he was a boy. Mom gave it to me when I got married- love it! My uncle saw it when Lady G turned one and was happy it was being used again. My grandmother bought it in a store in New Orleans while visiting a her sister, Vi. Anyway, I made a funfetti cake (love how moist those cakes are) and decorated it with one of Queen V's Polly Pockets and a squirrel.. and her new favorite color- pink!!

We had tons of pizza leftover so I sent some home with friends.. yep, adult goodie bags.. one less meal to fix this week or whenever :) Hey, pizza freezes you know!
The goodie bags the kids received had bubbles that had scents in them like mango, pineapple, grape, strawberries- all in the shape of icecream cones! hilarious! Charm lollipops, glow in the dark bracelets, and some tootsie rolls- all of these being some favorites of Queen V!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Favorite Thing about being 3

Mommy: Hey, Queen V, what was your favorite part about being 3?
Queen V: my favorite?
Mommy: Yea, your favorite thing...
Queen V: My favorite thing about being 3 is my cousin Lisa. She makes me happy. I love her.

all this without skipping a beat!! I so love the little girl she is becoming!
She melts my heart
She makes me crazy
She makes me laugh
She makes me think
She makes me a better mommy.

I love you Queen V!
I am so glad God gave you to me to guide through this world, what a gift I get each day being your mama.
Even if we butt heads we are "still friends"- we will always be Mommy and Queen V...
sweet angel...

I wonder what you are dreaming your last day of being 3....
you ran in my room this morning telling me all about your dream you had last night- so joyful and fun! I love that!!