Sunday, March 18, 2007

whirlwind of an educational trip!


Texas State Aquarium

Bird Island: no pics for this yet.. they are stuck on my cell phone. I can't figure out how to send them to the computer yet... The water was littered with windsurfers- how intoxicating for me!!! Oh, how I wish my sweetie was there so I could just borrow a board for a moment and let him watch the kids... another time perhaps!!!

National Seashore

Texas Capital

Peace Demonstration" this was outside the capitol when we came out of the building. Nothing like a demonstration of free speech. It is democracy in action. As a former social studies teacher it was exciting to see and to explain to my kiddos. We walked the halls where I explained the "rules" are made up, checked to see if they are fair (constitutional- and yes, I made my kids say this word) and written into lawbooks (which we saw the law library as well!)

As I dropped my dd off for school today I heard the DJ state that we only have a few more days left in this session and the representatives have only voted on one issue that has passed.. yep, one. You know, if we did that for our normal job we'd be sweating it out praying we could keep our job and not get laid off. As a former teacher if I didn't get a set of papers graded it was not pushed to the side but a pot of coffee was made and I read through those essays until it was done. Years ago Texans surrounded the capitol building itself and wouldn't let the representatives out until a decision had been reached... wonder what they would think if that happened now a days???? Maybe we could get the bills passed or put to death quicker without having things attatched to them to assure a death or passing. KWIM???? oh well... educatin on all parts... I pray that they make good decisions for our state and get it all accomplished...

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Ana said...

What fun!! Its been a while since I've been to those places. I think you have motivated me to go on a trip!! I love San Antonio and Austin. Great pictures and CUTE kids!!