Saturday, March 03, 2007

Favorite Thing about being 3

Mommy: Hey, Queen V, what was your favorite part about being 3?
Queen V: my favorite?
Mommy: Yea, your favorite thing...
Queen V: My favorite thing about being 3 is my cousin Lisa. She makes me happy. I love her.

all this without skipping a beat!! I so love the little girl she is becoming!
She melts my heart
She makes me crazy
She makes me laugh
She makes me think
She makes me a better mommy.

I love you Queen V!
I am so glad God gave you to me to guide through this world, what a gift I get each day being your mama.
Even if we butt heads we are "still friends"- we will always be Mommy and Queen V...
sweet angel...

I wonder what you are dreaming your last day of being 3....
you ran in my room this morning telling me all about your dream you had last night- so joyful and fun! I love that!!

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JB said...

I feel terrible that I missed V's B-day. I knew it was coming up and then it just slipped away. I will call you tonight, maybe I can talk to the big girl! She really is so full of life - I love it!