Wednesday, September 18, 2013


As a little boy I knew he learned differently. 
I would try and teach him his ABCs and 123s and he would fight me every step of the way.
I knew it was more than his German stubborness and Irish temper that would both hinder him and help him.

Last year we finally got him tested. There were some bumps along the way but he is now getting the help he needed and will need to get him headed in the right direction.  
We found out he has dyslexia. 
I know there is more but for now we are dealing with this roadblock.

He cried today when we sat to do his homework.  

It's just so hard, Mama.
I try so hard and my brain doesn't work.
My brain scrambles it all and I just don't get it.

These words kill me.  
Yet at the same time I understand.
He hurts so much from trying to keep up and show that he is smart. 
that he can do the work.
that he does want to learn.

I know he is in there.
Do you see it, teachers?
Do you see a little boy who could design and race race cars like his Daddy?
Do you see a little boy who will windsurf around the globe?
Do you see a lego master who wants to invent a spy car?
Do you see a reader? a writer? a little boy wanting to learn?

A friend sent me this link about learning disabilities: 

Always believe in your kids.
Always be your kids advocate.
Always protect your kids. 
Always just be there for your kids.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Queen V takes it on a run!

First day of school was the "best ever" said my Queen V! She had a great time and couldn't wait to tell me all about it. Even though she is not in class with all of her friends (living in her perfect world! ha!) She said it was all good since they all get to sit together at lunch and chat!!
We went for an afternoon swim and then followed it by dinner and a run!
I am so glad that I figured out how to make quick little stills with my phone for a fast post.

At any rate, she ended her first day with a run to one of her favorite songs... love it!

Friday, August 16, 2013

sunrise in sturgeon bay

From my happy place.  I have gotten up several mornings now to watch the sunrise and each one has its most magnificent moments.  Today,  I think it was the clouds turn to let the sun dance at their feet.

This is most definitely my happy place.

 It fills my soul and calms my mind.

Friday, March 29, 2013

growing time

wow. those shoes are BIG!
how did they get that big- are you sure they fit?
yes. I growed.
When? When did you grow?
well, it was in the growing time.
When is the growing time?
Well, member when you did all that laundry? that is when I growed.

Wow... good to know, Hap.