Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Scarecrow time!!

straw bales $50
costumes: $40
3 adorable children: priceless

photos coming soon!

so in the meantime.. here is a card with a scarecrow- I love this stamp!!!
some of the materials are from The Shaker Box Oct Kit

Monday, October 29, 2007


I've almost missed my new niece's first Halloween!
Things have been crazy around here!!!
Yes, Sandra.. I have been a bit busy! ha! miss you man- think the donkey can get the postman to zip back and forth between Texas and Ct again? hahahahaha

anyway, I have lost part of my scrappy room to my dh. Yes... he needs the space so he will take it over.. I had to move my desk.. or rather he moved it back across a room and got a corner desk.. I love that desk. We got the other pieces from a friend of ours and just now found the corner piece on sale. I hope he doesn't live in the land of piles like he does everywhere else.. it stifles my creativity to have piles around me..
clutter around me clutters my brain. Is it like that for you?? I take his piles and move them.. .I know a dangerous thing for some but at least I don't throw things away like I used to.. well.. not that he notices! ha!
it's late and I have to get to bed!
I already have my LOs ready for the kid's photos on Wednesday!!! I am so excited about Halloween! I miss the cool weather but I must admit it will make it easier at night!!!
Happy Halloween a bit early!! EEK!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Paintable Papers!!

I am in love with the paintable papers that Michele placed in the Shaker Box kit this month!!!
yep, I colored, cut, xactoed.. is that a word?.. and shimmered this paper to death.. I love it and would love to get some more!!!
I took this photo of my Queen V last spring... everything was so pretty!!

My photography is taking off more.. yep, I have entered the portfolio building stage where I learn and the people I am photographing know I am learning... so it all works out for the better :) gotta love that! A win-win situation..

*seems I will have to wait till later to add the photo of the LO... blogger is having hotflashes..**