Tuesday, February 28, 2006

think again

oh... so here we are on Fat Tuesday... .time to THINK AGAIN... I was looking at Rhonna's challenges and just have not had time for them... think that's a goal! I do!!! I need to manage my time better. As a teacher I had every minute down to a science... my kids had something to do from teh moment they walked into the classroom to the moment they walked out... My question for them most days when they exited was to tell me or the person next to them, "what was the most important thing you learned today in history? What was your 'ah-ha' moment?" I think I need to ask myself of this question... what was so important today.. whether it's making my kids laugh (you live longer if you laugh, you know?".. .keeping up with letter writing to friends, keeping my home organized so we can all enjoy it and me not being grumpy, going for a walk to enjoy the spring that is coming... reading to my kids...

so I am going to restart the journal... being FAt Tuesday it makes me prepare more for Lent... not just a sacrifice of something but doing something positive that has a positive outlook on the the world right here around me... my family.. what can I do for them to make this a better home...

off to figure out my day :)

Friday, February 24, 2006

imagine everythign is real

ok.. so I played with this. Her trip- Rhonna's- for us is to find a new habit in 21 days... what will it be? Well... I know organization is the pits around here from time to laundry on the couch.... toys everywhere and chores not done. I have tried flylady and can't get back in th swing of it with 3 kids.. I know I should but I can't get the emails... I really didn't mind the 1000 a day- honest.. take what you need and dump the rest. anyway... I made this collage of ideas that I want to get across to my kids and to get my life in order... oh my- a bit to chew in just 21 days- don't you think? hahaha

wow- so much time has slipped by and I have only a few minutes to gather my thoughts!
things to do... so much to learn.. try and learn a new thing every day....

1. created a LO on my dd's 1st snuggles with dear friends... they are so sweet but so far away in Croatia.. I miss them and wonder when I will get to see them again.. let alone go to their country with my "sister"

2. going to attempt [url=http://rhonnafarrer.typepad.com/dreamy/2006/02/beginnin.html]Rhonn Ferrer's[/url] altered journal - try and learn some new techniques, discover myself... I seem to have lost who I am at some point... I know that I have become so many different things but have you ever had the feeling that there is a tear behind your eyes just waiting to get out.. and once it is it's such a relief? I think this just might lead me where I need to be.. finding my priorities.

3. I have been under pressure about my kids... health wise and things are working out. I am SURE this is because of the POWER of PRAYER... I have told my kids and buds never to underestimate the power... my dd was having such pains. We didn't know what the problem was.. no one would give us a nameand quite frankly I was too afraid to ask if it was somehing so serious. It wasn't but it is something we have to take care of. Then my son - the doc thought- my son had crossed eyes. He doesn't and for that I am greatful! my kids- all 3- have their health and that is good!

Have you ever seen a miracle?? I have been in the presence of a few.... quite something when you see it- even better when you REALLY realize that miracles happen every day - right in front of our eyes! amazing!

I listened to Cat Stevenson's "CAt's Cradle" today... something to really listen to. I know I need to pay more attention to my kid's every day lives so that I don't miss a beat. I want to be able to be a person they can rely on, talk to, and share ideas and dreams with. ohhhh

can't forget my Friday pic- great day for it.. he was full of smiles. so many of them were blurry because he was jumping up and down- love that! :)

something to learn... how do I add a link without the url showing?? hmmmmm

oh, one more thing... I learned to listen to my daughter today... she tries so hard to communicate.. I need to give her more time to do so.