Friday, February 24, 2006

imagine everythign is real

ok.. so I played with this. Her trip- Rhonna's- for us is to find a new habit in 21 days... what will it be? Well... I know organization is the pits around here from time to laundry on the couch.... toys everywhere and chores not done. I have tried flylady and can't get back in th swing of it with 3 kids.. I know I should but I can't get the emails... I really didn't mind the 1000 a day- honest.. take what you need and dump the rest. anyway... I made this collage of ideas that I want to get across to my kids and to get my life in order... oh my- a bit to chew in just 21 days- don't you think? hahaha


twistedsoda said...

Oh AM, I really love that your taking the altered plunge. I think this is fabulous! Who knows, you might love it so much as I do...that you might even post this new ground at TSB. hehe

Rhonna said...

simply wonderful!
love this work of art!

Rhonna said...

that would be



ArtsyMama said...

Great work:) Can't wait to see more.

Randell said...

tHIS ENTRY IS SO INTERESTING...CAPs..I love looking at all the cool designs!