Tuesday, February 28, 2006

think again

oh... so here we are on Fat Tuesday... .time to THINK AGAIN... I was looking at Rhonna's challenges and just have not had time for them... think that's a goal! I do!!! I need to manage my time better. As a teacher I had every minute down to a science... my kids had something to do from teh moment they walked into the classroom to the moment they walked out... My question for them most days when they exited was to tell me or the person next to them, "what was the most important thing you learned today in history? What was your 'ah-ha' moment?" I think I need to ask myself of this question... what was so important today.. whether it's making my kids laugh (you live longer if you laugh, you know?".. .keeping up with letter writing to friends, keeping my home organized so we can all enjoy it and me not being grumpy, going for a walk to enjoy the spring that is coming... reading to my kids...

so I am going to restart the journal... being FAt Tuesday it makes me prepare more for Lent... not just a sacrifice of something but doing something positive that has a positive outlook on the the world right here around me... my family.. what can I do for them to make this a better home...

off to figure out my day :)

1 comment:

Rhonna said...

YES, you can do it, AnneMarie!
It's never too late to jump in!