Friday, February 24, 2006

wow- so much time has slipped by and I have only a few minutes to gather my thoughts!
things to do... so much to learn.. try and learn a new thing every day....

1. created a LO on my dd's 1st snuggles with dear friends... they are so sweet but so far away in Croatia.. I miss them and wonder when I will get to see them again.. let alone go to their country with my "sister"

2. going to attempt [url=]Rhonn Ferrer's[/url] altered journal - try and learn some new techniques, discover myself... I seem to have lost who I am at some point... I know that I have become so many different things but have you ever had the feeling that there is a tear behind your eyes just waiting to get out.. and once it is it's such a relief? I think this just might lead me where I need to be.. finding my priorities.

3. I have been under pressure about my kids... health wise and things are working out. I am SURE this is because of the POWER of PRAYER... I have told my kids and buds never to underestimate the power... my dd was having such pains. We didn't know what the problem was.. no one would give us a nameand quite frankly I was too afraid to ask if it was somehing so serious. It wasn't but it is something we have to take care of. Then my son - the doc thought- my son had crossed eyes. He doesn't and for that I am greatful! my kids- all 3- have their health and that is good!

Have you ever seen a miracle?? I have been in the presence of a few.... quite something when you see it- even better when you REALLY realize that miracles happen every day - right in front of our eyes! amazing!

I listened to Cat Stevenson's "CAt's Cradle" today... something to really listen to. I know I need to pay more attention to my kid's every day lives so that I don't miss a beat. I want to be able to be a person they can rely on, talk to, and share ideas and dreams with. ohhhh

can't forget my Friday pic- great day for it.. he was full of smiles. so many of them were blurry because he was jumping up and down- love that! :)

something to learn... how do I add a link without the url showing?? hmmmmm

oh, one more thing... I learned to listen to my daughter today... she tries so hard to communicate.. I need to give her more time to do so.


twistedsoda said...

you most definitely have...seen a miracle. And so have I now!

Rhonna said...

remember, it's never too late to conquer or create a new habit....
& we are not perfect...if we don't do it one day, or 2 or even 5, it's ok!

we'd love to have you join in whatever you can do!