Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I love to cook!

I love it..
I thrive on it!
give me a holiday and I will cook up a storm!
I don't want anyone to go away hungry- that would be awful!!
so, what have I prepared for tomorrow???

sweet potato casserole- I love this
what's in it you say?
sweet potatoes, of course!
brown sugar
Granny Smith Apples and a Honey Crisp because they are my all time favorite apple!
butter- yea, baby!
this is all layered several times and baked for about 30 min in the oven at 350* or so...
at the last minute you put on marshmallows till tan and puffy!

brine your turkey!
yep, you heard me- brine it!
what do you do? how do you do it? you ask???
well, get your mop bucket and a garbage sack and line that bucket with that sack
next get warm water and mix with chicken broth and kosher salt - if not regular salt is fine.
throw in some apples (I threw in the cores and the peel from the apples I used in the sweet potatoes.. don't let anything go to waste!), oranges, lemons, rosemary, thyme - we all need some extra of this during the holidays!- and stir!
oh wait.. what is it missing?? garlic, a little wine still in the fridge... and brown sugar! yep- you need the salt and the sweet!
next wash your turkey inside and out before she gets her bod wet in this luxurious bath!!!
place her in the garbage sack and then in the fridge she goes until the next day

you might think this is really strange but if
Alton Brown and Emeril think it's a good thing then MOVE OVER Martha LOL! I even checked her site.. she doesn't have a recipe for this..
at any rate- when cooking your bird - DON'T FORGET to cook her upside down! Yep, let the fat pour out of her juicy thighs to baste it for you!!!
It's the best turkey you'll ever have! I have given this recipe out so many times to strangers at the grocery store and they come up and thank me.. not just the wives but the husbands! lol! silly, huh?? lol!

I also cooked a spinach fritata kind of thing
cook Stovetop as on box
fluff with fork but put in one egg- mix fast so you don't get a soft boiled egg on top!!
in saute pan cook onion (one med. chopped) until see through
add in thawed, drained chopped spinach and warm through- take off of burner
over stove top sprinkle on a layer of Monterrey/Jack cheese
now sprinkle half of spinach and onion over the cheese
layer strips of red bell pepper over that
add another layer of spinach
add a layer of tomato slices
drizzle 4 eggs (that are mixed up) over all that
sprinkle another layer of cheese
**this recipe is YUMMO as R.Ray would say!!!
place in oven for 30 min at 400*

of course I had to make Green Bean casserole.. I don't like it but dh does... it'll go to his grandma's house ;)

cranberry orange relish.. love this
bag o' cranberries
2 orange
1/2 cup of sugar
mix like crazy in the Cuisinart- aren't these a Godsend? lol!
my mom asked if I put Couintreau in it.. wouldn't that be yummY?? lol!

for drink- in the fridge already-
cranberry juice
it looks good, tastes good, and by golly, it's good for you! hahahaha

I'll make a cake or something for dessert.. the kids love to do that :)

so what is on your plate for tomorrow??? any special family goodies???
I still have yet to take pics of toilet paper turkeys.. they are coming... patience, young Grasshoppa! lol!

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JB said...

I can just see you zipping around your kitchen fixing everything. ANd you make it sound soooooo delicious! Thanks for putting a smile on my face :-)
And it's a good thing you love to cook - it would be a shame if you didn't. Cuz you're a d*** good cook! ;-)