Friday, November 24, 2006


my faith that give me belief in God
my husband who gives me constant comfort
my children for allowing me to see things through their eyes
a roof over my head to keep me cool in the summer and warm in winter
food on my table that keeps me nourished
friends far and wide that help me remember good times and anticipate the future
my extended family... for loving me no matter what
creativity... it helps me cope with the everyday

did you ever stop and think of the little things?
at night when my kids are saying their prayers I have gotten them to pray for family and friends... aksing God's help in their lives...
but what about saying thanks just because...
for breathing
for birds chirping
for leaves that change colors
for warm sunshine
for the sandbox
soft cotton sheets on a bed
Dora, Curiuos George, music... the things that make my little ones giggle

little things all add up!

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful list of blessings!