Sunday, November 12, 2006

handwring and biting

just some qick notes to go out during the holidays...
don't you just love to get mail?
real mail
the kind where you see a new stamp, real handwriting on the envelope

there is a carpet cleaning company in my town
they've gotten smart
they use an ink on the envie that looks real
I've figured it out
I've even sent the letters back
I can't stand junk mail
let them deal with having to recycle it

the next time you have the feeling
all I ever get is bills... write a letter to a friend and send it away
make the postal worker happy and decorate the envie
my post office laughs when they see me
wonder if it's from the kids hanging all over me or the artwork....

we've been very sick around here.. that's why I was not around
update on yesterday: Mr T bit me twice during Mass
once on my cheek-I have teethmarks to prove it- he started with a kiss and bit the stew out of me
the secondwhile he was nursing... during Conceration


see if I let him do that again during Mass

silly babe


Anonymous said...

Some amazing creations AM! I love it!

cpbunch said...

oh you are a brave brave woman to do that in church! i might have gotten up and screamed. :) love the cards :)

alli_scraps said...

Beautiful cards...I need to be better about sending cards out just to say "hi"!

OUCH....not sure what I would have done had I been bitten!!!!

Anonymous said...

AM your cards are beautiful! And Ouch! My daughter used to do that! You poor thing!

Anonymous said...

Ouch on T! I remember that phase all too clearly.

I love seeing your cards, they look great! I definitely need to send more cards out to friends, just because. Great idea about decorating the envelopes. :)

Laura said...


Thank you so much for your candy recipe. I'm definitely going to try it for the holidays. I will let you know how it turns out. Thank you for visiting my blog and I have added you to my list of "Blogs I Visit".