Thursday, November 09, 2006

creativity does a body good!

3 out of 5 are sick in my house.. sounds like a good reason to scrap and stamp? right??? you betcha! I got a few moments for myself.. after some much needed Tylenol for my throat...
got a LO and a card done

background on the LO:
my kids love their greatgrandparents
2 died within the last year.
it's been very tough on the girls..
Queen V has created a masterpiece on the porch of her 2 greatgrandmothers
one is living and the other died last year.
She tells me stories about them like she saw the one that died just last week.

we see one of them still.. she tells her, "Mema, you're my girl!" It makes Mema's day! Makes mine too knowing that my kids have such a big family that loves them!


alli_scraps said...

So touching the fact that the kids know GREAT grandparents!!!

So sorry you have all been sick...was just down that road, wouldn't wish it on anyone!!!

BTW, I FINALLY updated my blog!

Ana said...

Great page!! I love all your details. Isn't the kids art the best. I framed some of my son's work and hung it up. People always ask where I bought it..hehehe Its always nice to say my 2 year old did it..