Tuesday, November 28, 2006

she was right.. 3 years old is tough!

yep... my Queen V wore flip flops today.. she had a big day!
she was in the last class of gymnastics today..
she got a ribbon instead of a medal like her sister..
tears gushed!!! I had to explain to her about accepting a gift graciously..
good sportman like conduct..
she was right.. 3 years old is tough!

then later we were out enjoying some Indian Summer and she choked...
while jumping on our trampoline..
I never ran so fast... I grabbed her out of the net and threw her upside down...
another explanation...
we don't jump with candy... ever!
I told her, "you scared me to death!"
She told me, "I scared me to death too!"
she was right.. 3 years old is tough!

I *had* to get these cards up to share.. I had been working on these for a bit..
they are stamped and colored with General watercolors and Craft T chalks. The chalk I used an EZ chalk enhancer. I was thinking it would give me a look like the Gamsol gives other people using colored pencils (I still call them map pencils.. it's what I used in my class with my students... oh so long ago....) Some of the chalks have a shimer to them- beautiful! If you can get these they are worth it!

This last card, Let Your Heart, I had so much fun! I got the sketch from SandyG at www.theshakerbox.com . I used the tips from Sweet Miss Daisy about coloring in part of your white object blue.. it makes them actually seem more white... I think I over did it but, boy, I had a good time! lol! She did a card where there were polar bears sliding but her entire background was white.. looks great!


Laura said...


Your cards are beautiful. You did a great job using the chalks. I haven't mastered chalks yet, but hope to soon.

Boy, can I relate to the whole 3 year old thing. My youngest just turned 3 in September and everything is such a major ordeal at the moment. Not to mention that she is going through this phase right now where she wants NOTHING to do with Daddy. I feel so bad for my Husband. Anyway, I visit your blog everyday and I really enjoy it. Keep up the great work.


Linda said...

your cards are beautiful, I really love the snowman one, great job!

3 is hard, my ds just turned 3 so I understand where you are coming from. But I am trying really hard to enjoy it because this will be that last time I experience 3 for a long while.