Friday, December 01, 2006

24 more days till Christmas!

Queen V
From Queen to Pharoah.. I saw the exhibit,Hatshepsut with my 3 kids in tow! Yep, braved an art museum.. while there I told them to look for triangles and kitty cats. They searched each piece. I really thought there would be more cats.. should have told the kids to look for cows! lol!
The exhibit was amazing.. Jas- when you come home I will go again!!! The kids were so good- one lady (about in her 70s) came and even commented on how good they were. :)
Mr. T was amazed and gasped and stretched out his arms when we would see another sphinx or another tall statue... it was amazing.. did I say that? I can't wait to scrap this adventure for my kids.. something I want to remember and want them too. When I was a kid I went to King Tut's exhibition... that was cool!

on to scrappy news.. I got my giga scallop punches today!! I got them from Frantic Stamper! I will be punching out some shapes for a little blog give away next week!!! Stay tuned!
Lady G

Are you getting ready for Christmas? I am going to make my Advent wreath for the family.. if I can....I found this pinecone wreath and love it! My dh likes this one though. I will see what I can do by myself. If I can't make it cheap then I will go ahead and buy it. I want my kids to have a wreath this year. Teaching Lady G her CCD this year has me thinking more of what I want to teach her.

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JB said...

I would love to see this exhibit - it sounds wonderful! Did you tell Valerie about it - you know she is crazy about Egypt stuff or at least King Tut... Maybe she would come see it too.
And I have no doubt the kids were great, I couldn't imagine a better bunch!