Monday, December 04, 2006

She gets it.. the true meaning...

finally getting some cards done
blogger is letting me put up pictures
getting my house cleaned and ready for the holidays!
even my girls are.. I bought them a tree at the Target Dollar Spot. It's about 20" tall.. perfect for a dresser!!! I didn't have ornaments so they pulled out their dress up costume jewelry and adorned it themselves!! beads, rins, earrings, bracelets.. anything pretty and girly! It fits them to a t! lol! Will get pics up when I get the camera downloaded- it's just precious!

before I get to my cards, I found a link to Shimelle's blog classes and on there was a picture of a Starbuck's cup. Now, this wouldn't ordinarily get my attention.. but the word "eggnog" sure did!!! Who cares what a latte is but EGGNOG!?!!! I am all over that bad boy! lol! My mom and I will take a little trip to the local one just built here and indulge a little!!!

Now, on to the cards... I had a challenge at The Shaker Box about using old cards to make new.. and really take that card and make the most of it!! bookmarks, tags for presents, new cards, ATCs.. whatever struck your fancy! Here are my 2 takes on it...

The True Meaning of Christmas.. she gets it!
I asked Lady G " What do you want for Christmas?.
She told me, "I had a mommy, a daddy, a Queen V, and a Mr. T... what more would I want?"
I then asked her, "What are you going to get Queen V?
She replied, "I am going to give her me. I will play with her and just be with her!"


*Jeanne* said...

AM! First you card is beautiful. Love it!

I just love that shot of the Starbucks coffee cup. I love her blog. I really wish I started the Christmas journal. Promising myself next year.

I love the story about the girls and their tree. What sweet sentiments about Christmas. You have some truly amazing children, and man are they growing up.


scrappersister said...

Your card is adorable. Love the snowman.

Your little girls are beautiful.