Monday, February 05, 2007


My friend, Twistedsoda, is asking about obsessions.. what do we obsess about?
being late for my dd's school
learning digi
a new camera... still don't have one and it drives me nuts
selling on ebay.. gotta get the nerve to put myself out there
being heard... not letting others tromp on me (it happened 2 times this past weekend)
having a presentable home
spending enough time with my kids

As I looked on the fridge tonight while gathering things to pull together for dinner I saw pics of my dd when she was 18 mo, 24 mo and right before she started kindergarten... I remember taking that 18 mo pic like it was last night!! I wondered then what would her life be like in a few years... highschool... college.. and now I DON'T obsess about that- I want to savor each moment that I have with the kids I want to read with them, color with them, swing with them, talk and listen to them.... When my kids ask me to push it's all too easy to say no, not now.. when a push is what is really needed... dust bunnies will still be there- you know??? leftovers are fine and we really don't need placemats for every meal :) She can read now and is reading BlueBerries for Sal to impress her daddy for Valentine's. It used to be one of his favorite books when he was a boy and I found it at the library!!! How exciting... I want to savor the NOW ... I obsess about that I guess... savoring the NOW... and not worrying what the future may hold... I know the future makes her sprout her wings and fly away...
the other 2 are catching up fast... in their own way..

I obsess about being there for them.. I think it's a good obsession right now- don't you?

How about another fab Valentine??

This one is created by
Michelle Laycock She is a true ink artist!! details, details, it's in the details- from the different color inks, to embossing, to glitter, hemp, beads and eyelets- this card has it all!! Her blog is amazing and she has been doing it for so long. Like Sarah Moore stated in her blog about Michelle- it would take a good long while to sift through the files Michelle has!! Go check out her files and see what goodie you can pick up and try!

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kraftyscraps said...

AM, that's a wonderful obsession! One that more people should have. :)