Saturday, January 27, 2007

font crazy!!!

I've gone dog-gone font crazy!!! I love a good font and have been saving them in a folder to place in the word section.. just don;t know how to do it and use it. Anyone have any good tutrial for me to follow???

font siites I am haunting :)

Da Fonts
Search Free Fonts
!Simply The Best

I have a ton to do today and need to drop by The Shaker Box and post today's challenge. I think it will be an art challenge today.... won't you join us??? Jas, you know you have spare time to play with scissors and glue :) lol

I can't seem to add an image this morning.. .so I will have to do it later this afternoon :)
Have a great day!

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Stamperosity said...

OMG...I know what you mean...I have over 1800 fonts on my laptop. Have you seen ? This guy sends you e-mails twice a month with over 150 fonts each time. Thanks for your nice comments about my card on your blog. Funny that we both posted each others cards on the same day! :)