Wednesday, January 17, 2007

snow... lovely... white... snow!

oh, how I love snow!!! The day is so calm.....
I love to walk outside.. be the first one to walk in the solitude...
It is something close to being on the shores of Lake Michigan for me...
I think I was born in the wrong place... live in the wrong place... lol!

at the beginning of the week I listened to the crackle of the limbs as they hung with ice
today I walked listening to the scrunch the snow made under my boots and then
stood silent
only to hear
not even a whisper
landing on my coat

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sweet silence...
after my blog of blessings I slept better.... rested... fulfilled knowing I have blessings beyond my wildest dreams!!! and then all to be snuggled under a light blanket of snow.
just lovely!

Mr. T put on his first pair of shoes today.. yep.. first pair- I struggled, he giggled... and we finally got a pair of shoes on. First pair of shoes and he goes for a walk in snow... how great is that???
Queen V stuck her tongue out gathering snowflakes.
Lady G picked berries and hit trees with a stick to see if more snow would fall.
Just a lovely morning!!! How great a blessing is this??? just the best!

We have a driveby snowman... yep, we didn't build it... someone else did... it's at the top of the driveway. I'll add pics later... they got orange sidewalk chalk from where the kids left it for the nose and then rocks for the eyes!


Laura said...

Hi AnneMarie.

Head on over to my blog, if you get chance. YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!!!!

Cindy Lou Who said...

AnneMarie!! I had to hunt you down girl. You won the FRAK Friday on my blog, and I need your after you head over to Laura's blog, catch the train and visit me! Bwahahaha!
Kewl Blog BTW =)

xanadudreamer said...

Hi!!! I finally created an account with blogger!!! I love your post about the snow and the drive by snowman cracks me up! Thanks for the pie a'la mode and the good times today!

xanadudreamer said...

by the way, it's me, Jeanine...I just have to get my account set up....