Monday, August 07, 2006


saw a show on TLC that was really interesting.. it's called The Messengers. Have you seen it? It kind of reminds me of this group I belonged to in highschool that was given a topic and we had to make a speech up- on the spot... I can't remember what it was called but it made me all nervous but knew it was something that would make me a better person, speaker.. and well, the guy I had a crush on was in it so what the heck! lol!

Anyway, back to The Messengers. It's a game show where people intereact with a situation.... a handicap that they do not possess and try and make it in life like that. Imagine being homeless for 24 hours in LA or blind in NYC... something along those lines- get it? WEll, this last week the contestants had to go to a farm- strawberry farm if I remember and had to be a farmer- some tough work!!! From this experience they had to create a speech on STRUGGLE. It was really interesting to hear what they had to say.. here is what I walked away with:

1. struggles make weak spots strong
2. Success comes from building a foundation fron the bricks life throws at us.
3. We can be victims or victors.
4. Bring it on. I ain't scared!

Pretty big words and phrases made by these "messengers" .... makes you stop and say... "hmmmmmmmmmmmm"

found this link to making your own journal.. from start to finish- really cool!


Jaci said...

Sounds like a cool show. Wish I had cable! *sigh*

JB said...

Awesome quotes! It's important to remind ourselves that everyone has struggles and that we can get through them and learn from them. Loved it!

alli_scraps said...

I have heard of that show..need to find when it is on here.